Krinner Drucklufttechnik GmbH

CO2 reduction for NITROX

New membrane technology from KrinnAir

Constantly rising amounts of CO² as well as adverse environmental conditions, create harmful levels of CO² concentration in the air. For operators of NITROX filling stations, it is becoming increasingly difficult to reliably comply with the legally-binding CO² limits. The proportionally increasing amount of CO² in all NITROX membrane systems also makes compliance more difficult.

The KrinnAir - NITROX System removes CO² from breathing air safely and economically

With the new KrinnAir technology, CO² is removed from breathing air before NITROX is created in the membrane. This means that NITROX diving gas with the required concentration of 21%-40% contains nearly no CO² and complies with the strict DIN EN 12021 limits. The new self-cleaning, patent-registered technology removes CO² with a method that is nearly maintenance-free, free from wear, and does not consume additional energy. The system is robust and works reliably. It is also independent of the surrounding conditions.

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