the Aqwary Smart Console

the Aqwary Smart Console

When his two youngest children took their diving certificates Anders Brodin became aware of the communication problems and the anxiety you experience when diving with fresh divers. This lead him to start exploring the possibility of creating a Subaquatic Network based on ultrasonic sound. With a background in computer science, he was able to conduct initial tests and in 2013 the company was founded.

Aqwary's first product, Aqwary Smart Console, was introduced to the world in 2014. The Smart Console is a communications device that creates an underwater network between scuba divers. This makes it easier than ever for diver to connect and share their information about their tank pressure, distance, depth, direction and more on a local Subaquatic Network. Our underwater network is powered by ultrasonic sound and supports up to 70 divers.

If a diver would run low on air, the Smart Console will automatically alert other divers in the Subaquatic Network. Also, If a Scuba diver encounters trouble during a dive (having a trouble with the scuba gear for example) it is easy to trigger a distress signal, notifying other divers in the Subaquatic Network. They would then receive the distress signal with a sound and displaying highlighted information with direction, remaining tank pressure, current depth and distance to the diver in distress.

Smart Console also has WiFi built in, so you can store and backup your dive data to the Aqwary Cloud. The experience continues on Aqwary Cloud where divers can manage settings on Smart Console, configuring apps and connect with other divers. This gives the diving community a new social network to interact with each other.
Everything we do is designed for divers and the Smart Console hardware is truly state of the art technology. We created magnetic buttons so that every key press will respond exactly same whether you are on land or at 50 meters / 165 feet depth. The beautiful AMOLED display has low energy consumption, reproducers fantastic details and wide viewing angles. Making it the best color display in the industry. Smart Console uses standard AA (R6) , easy to get and easy to replace by the user.

As our products connect and share important data, we let divers relax and enjoy incredible dives while always having access to their buddy’s current status. In the future we will release a number of applications that will enhance the Smart Console with completely new functions such as messaging, encyclopedia over oceanic life or even underwater twitter. Only the imagination sets the limit.

We believe that we will see a revolution in how divers connect and share information before, during and after a dive. Most divers we meet have ideas on how they want to use Aqwary's Subaquatic Network products and services to make their diving experiences even better. We will continue to develop our products and services by having a close connection with our users, focusing on technology that enhances the diving experience.
In five years we believe that Aqwary will be an established provider of underwater communication products and services for SCUBA divers across the globe.
We are initially focusing on dive centers who would like to monitor the status of a complete group. This will be especially useful during training and guiding, but as we add more apps the Smart Console will become increasingly useful for all recreational divers” says Anders Brodin founder of Aqwary and continues “We are currently in a hectic period of testing, product certification, setting up production and distribution.

We have visited various dive centers in Sweden and here are a few quotes we would like to share:

"This new product is likely to revolutionize the way we think about dive instruments"
Anders Jälmsjö, Owner västerviks dykcenter,, 2014

“I have not been this excited since they introduced the dive computer in the 80's”
David Tolf, Advanced open water diver, Västervik, 2014

-" It's a special feeling when you find a product that seamlessly works the way you expect it to."
Pelle mäcs, Daladyket, Instructor at W-dyk, 2014

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