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Agapi launches Agapi Lifestyle & Agapi Ownership Solutions


Once again, Agapi’s innovative combined concept of a high performance RIB and aesthetic cabin cruiser redefines what demanding boaters expect from a boat. Now, the market gets a new benchmark on new ways of owning a boat and how to explore new waters with a boat of your own. Furthermore, how to enjoy a boat life without having to own a boat.

’We constantly think about how we can make boating easier and increase time on magical waters for Agapi boaters. We truly believe there is a movement towards non-traditional forms of having and using a boat. From owning and mantaining to experiencing and enjoying. Boaters will always want to have access to the unique freedom that only boating can deliver, and a growing number of us want to also enjoy boating outside our primary home. Trend shows that there is an increasing number of boaters that don’t want to own a boat in order to enjoy it. Agapi is created to be in the forefront for demanding boaters and their needs. That is the reason why we now release our ownership and lifestyle solutions.’ Alejandra Levinas Asplund, owner and co-founder of Agapi Boating.


Agapi Leasing
Agapi is the first boating company in Sweden to launch and offer a truly cost-effective boat leasing solution. An ideal solution for private users and companies wanting to offer unique benefits to their employees. With Agapi leasing you can use the Agapi boat of your choice and return it after 3 years or alternatively, change to a new Agapi model. Agapi Leasing includes mooring, insurance, winter storage & services.

Agapi Club
Agapi Club is a unique club offering for individuals or companies, It gives you access to an Agapi 750 or 950 with a 2-year membership at a fixed monthly fee. You choose the set number of days per month that you want to have access to the boat. Agapi Club includes training, mooring, insurance, winter storage & services.

Invest in a Boat
The perfect solution for those having a second home close to our international Agapi Centers. The Center looks after your Agapi boat and rents it out when you don’t use it. At your arrival your Agapi is ready to hit the water. With Invest in a Boat, your costs for having a boat are heavily reduced or could even be reversed.

Agapi Boating also offers of course regular financing for both private individuals and companies. Financing up to 180 months with the boat as the security at a fixed rate. You can also add our full service and insurance package to secure the value of your investment.


Agapi World
Agapi World is a unique service that enables Agapi
owners to vacation on an Agapi in beautiful places around the world. A single yearly fee gives you access to an Agapi boat wherever there’s an Agapi Center.

Agapi Routes
When you become an Agapi owner you become a part of a sharing network. Agapi Routes is all about Agapi owners sharing favorite routes and destination with one another. Each boat comes with an iPad with shared routes from Agapi Boating and Agapi boat owners pre-installed in it. Together we encourage each other to explore and navigate new waters. Just one click on Seapilot’s navigation app on your iPad and you’re on your way to a destination you’ve never visited before. Agapi Routes takes you to the fastest and proven safe route to unspoilt beaches in Mallorca, to the secret back door to Stockholm’s most beautiful bay in the outer archipelago or gives you an excellent short cut to Miami’s best seafood bar. Best of all, the number of Agapi Routes gems are growing all the time. Sharing is love. Love is Agapi.

My Agapi Online
’Last but not least, let’s mention “My Agapi Online” With this Agapi boat owners can access anywhere and anytime their boat documentation and video manuals, technical data, insurance papers, service history, and so on. Things you usually never have at hand when you need them the most. But with us you do. If you are an Agapi owner of some sort of course.’ Peder Asplund, owner and co-founder of Agapi Boating.

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