Overview: Practical diving & Features

Waterworlds - diving is a way of life

For our boat-duesseldorf.com blogger Bettina Winert, diving is more than just a watersport - it's a way of life. Find out about what makes diving a unique lifestyle...
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Women in professional diving


The number of women among divers in general is estimated around 30 per cent. boot diving blogger Bettina Winert introduces us to two powerful female divers.
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Safety in diving: basic safety measures

As divers you enter a world that is basically hostile. However, diving is a relatively safe sport in comparison to many other activities - as long as you follow some basic rules and codes of conduct...
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Diving and working combined in paradise


Many divers are dreaming of a career in diving. Many find a job as a dive guide in a dive center, resort or on a liveaboard. But there are also other opportunities...
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Behind the Mask - The Magic of the Underwater World

The people of Behind the Mask are all enthusiastic divers and at the same time creative people, designers, photographers and filmmakers. They have produced 20 exclusive films for boot.de...
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Five Hot Spots for Divers from April to August

Spring has arrived, the equipment been taken from the storage and checked for the next dive. What you need now are five top diving destinations for the first half of the new season...
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SHARKPROJECT - Initiative for the Protection of Sharks

The voluntary marine protection organization SHARKPROJECT e.V., founded in 2002, fights on the front line for more knowledge about sharks and thus how to protect them.
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Reef Check - Initiative for Coral Reef Protection

Reef Check is a volunteer programme to ptotect coral reefs enthusiastically supported by scientists and divers around the world. Reef Check International started in 1996.
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Dolphins - an endangered species

Every year various marine wildlife protection projects are presented at the boot Düsseldorf, including some that have specialised in the protection of dolphins.
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Underwater photography - Foto: © Linda Pitkin

Underwater Photography

Underwater photography - Vita & works of famous photographers
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