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Neander Shark - Market Launch of Dtorque111

How a unique motorcycle conquered boot Düsseldorf as an outboard engine

A lesson in brand building strategy

An idea born from pure passion

© Neander Shark

The innovative idea for the turbo diesel engine arose from the passion for motorcycles around the North German comic figure Werner.

The result was a real cult object: NEANDER - the world's first turbo diesel motorcycle.

The secret: twin crankshaft technology

Sometimes it is a detour that takes you there

First Firing - entering the hot phase

© Neander Shark Dtorque 111
(c) Neander Shark Dtorque 111

"See you again at boot Düsseldorf!"

(c) Neander Shark Dtorq 111

Leading international platform for the boating industry

"You need a place that is your home base."

(c) Neander Shark Dtorque 111

"boot Düsseldorf motivates, inspires, stimulates."

(c) Neander Shark Dtorque 111 auf der boot Düsseldorf
Neander Vorstand Lutz Lester
Neander Turbodiesel Motorrad

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