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Great Watersports Destinations in Spring

Spring is approaching fast, about time to start thinking about suitable destinations for your first boating or diving trip of the new season. Here is some inspiration from our travel experts.
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Boat & Yacht Maintenance: How to prepare your boat for the yachting season

Once spring is approaching, it is time to prepare your boat for the coming yacting season. Our how-to-series on yacht care and boat maintenance explains all the important things to look into...
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International Women's Day: The Queen of Windsurfing


On the occasion of the International Woman's Day on March 8th we spoke to boot Düsseldorf windsurfing ambassador Sarah-Quita Offringa about women in water sports.
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International Women's Day: Interview with Fiona Wylde


On the occasion of the International Woman's Day on March 8th we spoke to the SUP Wave Masters winner 2019, Fiona Wylde, about women in water sports.
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Yacht charter trends at boot Düsseldorf 2019


Yachtcharter is booming, in germany as well as internationally. Options for maritime holiday makers are getting wider and more flexible. Find out about current trend in yacht charter at boot Düsseldorf.
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Current trends in sailing yacht design 2019


The standards modern sailing yachts have to meet are high but modern shipyards master them with flying colours. The current yacht designs meet a great variety of needs of yachtsmen. ...
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Motoryacht design trends - on show at boot 2019


Prior to the start of boot Düsseldorf 2019 we allow you a glance at the distinctive new motorboat models and design trends to be seen at the exhibition in January 2019.
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E-Mobility - Next Generation Technology at boot 2019


Electric boat engines, alternative drives for yachts and solar power are technologies that have been around for a while already, but currently they gain more and more importance in boating.
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Multihull-Trends 2019 - Sailing in the third dimension


Prior to the start of boot Düsseldorf 2019 we allow you a glance at the latest developments in the design of multihull boats and yachts.
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Living on board - The dream of living on a boat

The author and sailor Detlef Jens, who is a convinced fan of living on board, provides an insider's view on current trends and developments on this topic - exclusively for boot Düsseldorf!
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boot Düsseldorf - an active partner in protecting our oceans

boot Düsseldorf has always been committed to the preservation and protection of the world's oceans and offers various initiatives, associations and organisations a forum as well as support.
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Pacific Garbage Screening


A revolutionary idea: A floating platform which filters plastic and plastic particles from the water simnply through its construction.
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10 tips for eco-freindly watersports


Imagine an area the size of central Europe, consisting exclusively of waste. That is the reality in the oceans today. Here are ten tips how to help keeping the oceans clean!
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Women in professional diving


The number of women among divers in general is estimated around 30 per cent. boot diving blogger Bettina Winert introduces us to two powerful female divers.
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Feature - Safety in Watersports


The fun and recreational value is a natural ingredient of the element water, but dealing with this element always involves respect for the power that lies dormant in it! How to stay safe on the water...
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Diving and working combined in paradise


Many divers are dreaming of a career in diving. Many find a job as a dive guide in a dive center, resort or on a liveaboard. But there are also other opportunities...
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Great destinations for anglers

Whether with your own boat, a houseboat or simply by car to a river or lake nearby, the possibilities to explore great fishing grounds are almost unlimited.
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