boot Practical Boating Guides

Annual yacht care, boat maintenance & repair

Getting your boat shipshape for the new season

Active regeneration rather than cumbersome duty

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Identifiying with your boat

Yachts in winter storage / Foto: © TCCC / Klaus-Gunnar Schneider
annual boat maintenance in spring / Foto: © TCCC / Klaus-Gunnar Schneider
yacht in winter mooring / Foto: © TCCC / Klaus-Gunnar Schneider
boat maintenance / Foto: © TCCC / Klaus-Gunnar Schneider
Yacht waiting for the start of boating season / Foto: © TCCC / Klaus-Gunnar Schneider

Series of nine articles with practical yacht care tips

Getting your boat shipshape
Nine issues to take care of

Part 8: ropes & lines

the right ropes for your yacht / Foto: © TCCC / WEB

Part 9: correcting sea charts

correcting sea charts / Foto: © TCCC / WEB
Bootsausrüstung, Equipment, Reparatur und Refit / Foto: © MD, ctillmann

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