Overview: Practical Sailing Yacht Charter

Sailboat and yacht charters: We’re on board again!


The start into the season has been difficult for marinas and charter companies at the Baltic Sea. In the meantime, operations have resumed. The weather is getting better and better – so business is picking up again.
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Sailing in spring - destinations

Great Boating Destinations in Spring

The new season is just around the corner and inevitably the question of "where to" will be raised. Our cruising experts Michael Amme and Sönke Roever have five recommendations for you!
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Handing over a charter yacht

The crews at charter bases have little time available to bring returning ships back to optimum conditions. Nevertheless, care is required when taking over a charter yacht.
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Boating licences to charter a yacht

In many countries you require some kind of boating licence to charter a yacht. But regulations vary and there are exemptions worth knowing.
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Nights at anchor - highlights of a charter holiday

Anchor nights are always one of the highlights of a charter cruise, as they provide unforgettable, very intense impressions.
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Yachtcharter Contracts and Booking Process

The charter contract contains all rights and duties of charterer and charter company. Detailed contracts provide clarity and help to avoid disputes.
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When boating gets hot - how to enjoy the sun on board

What could be better after a long, dark winter than enjoying the warming sun on the first motorboat outings! But be careful! It can get really hot on the water!
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