B-DETECTION MOBILE, BASIC and PRO Safety never takes a break!


BAUER KOMPRESSOREN‘s new online measurement systems provide all-round end-to-end surveillance of breathing air quality, monitoring CO, CO2, O2 and humidity (dew point) in line with the requirements of DIN EN 12021:2014*

Where breathing air quality is concerned, there can be no room for compromise. Divers owe their health and, in extreme cases, their life to the purity of the air they breathe.
Correctly operated in the right environment, BAUER Purification Systems are reliable sources of
pure air. To document compliance with the new, significantly stricter limit values of the newest
DIN EN 12021:2014 Respiratory Equipment Standard, particularly for oil content, BAUER Filter Cartridges have been tested and certified for residual oil to international recognised ISO standards
by the accredited Institute of Energy and Environmental Technology (IUTA). As individual diving accidents show, when serious operating errors are compounded by heavily contaminated ambient air, they may result in harmful or even toxic exceedance of threshold values for carbon monoxide (CO)
or carbon dioxide (CO2).
This drove BAUER KOMPRESSOREN to develop a new series of online measurement systems that provide continuous end-to-end surveillance of compressor-produced breathing air and monitor its compliance with the specifications of the DIN EN 12021:2014 Respiratory Equipment Standard for
CO, CO2, O2 and humidity*. In line with BAUER KOMPRESSOREN’s quality standards as the market leader, the mission of BAUER’s development team was to achieve nothing less than one hundred per cent reliability under all measurement conditions.
The sensor system is the cornerstone of measurement information. The values displayed by low-cost or technically unsuitable sensors may have very little in common with the actual CO, CO2, O2 or humidity content of the monitored air. In this case, inaccurate measurements will lull system operators or divers into a false sense of security! Especially where carbon monoxide is concerned, unsuitable sensors quickly develop faults and may fail to warn of existing high levels of CO – a potentially fatal situation.
For this reason, BAUER KOMPRESSOREN performed extensive and complex test runs to select the optimum sensor type for every gas type measured. Air flow to the sensors is designed to ensure they always operate under the best possible measurement conditions. This maximises sensor service life.

The new B-DETECTION Series offers the ideal system for every application. The three models differ in their design, dimensions and range of functions, but deliver identical measurement accuracy.
A tailored solution for every user:
Packaged in a rugged plastic carry case and supplied with an integrated display and rechargeable battery for use without an external power source, B-DETECTION MOBILE is a universally applicable device for mobile air testing or – combined with the pressure reducer supplied - for cylinder air testing on the move. B-DETECTION MOBILE can also be charged and operated using a standard 110/220 V power source for use as a stationary system. It is also designed for connection to 12/24 V on-board electrical systems. The external outputs and alarm output are watertight to allow outdoor operation with closed cover in wet or humid conditions.
B-DETECTION BASIC is designed as a wall-mounted device for stationary use. It is largely identical to the B-DETECTION MOBILE model, but includes a direct connection to the system control unit
(B-CONTROL II /B-CONTROL MICRO). If gas limit values are exceeded, the compressor display immediately shows an error warning. The contaminated air can optionally be diverted through a bypass until compliance with limit values is restored. In the case of longer fault duration, the system automatically shuts down, preventing contamination of breathing air cylinders from the outset.
Our top-of-the-range model, the stationary B-DETECTION PRO, uses a special type of sensor that can be calibrated on site and offers higher accuracy together with a longer service life. These special smart sensors have an integrated memory where all the relevant sensor data are saved, and automatically warn in advance when calibration or sensor replacement are due. The unit enables sensor data to be logged either with or without older B-CONTROL higher-pressure compressor control unit models.
All models are approved for measurements under the BAUER PureAir Certification programme.
Where B-DETECTION MOBILE is used in stationary operation for continuous online measurement,
it fulfils the same high standards of BAUER PureAir Certification as the B-DETECTION BASIC and
And there’s good news for all current operators of a BAUER system: all models can be retrofitted to existing compressors!

*Dew point monitoring in accordance with DIN EN 12021:2014 requires additional use of a B-SECURUS unit for BASIC and Mobile; a dew point sensor is included with the B-DETECTION PRO.

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