CE-marking for boat kits

ce-marking of boat kits is the first boat kits manufacturer to offer CE-marking for our boat kits. No other manufacturers of boat kits in the World has the competences to make this quality mark.

According to the CE marking rules canoes, kayaks and boats under 2,5 meter length can't be CE marked. Therefore not all our boat kits can be CE marked.

The CE marking rules for boat kits are not simple to understand. Here we try to guide you with a short explanation.

As basis; a boat you build from our boat kits shall not be CE marked as long as you build them for yourself and don't want to sell it within 5 years after finishing it. For various reasons you can choose to get your finished boat CE marked and we can assist you in this process.

The first requirement is that you follow the building instruction and don't make changes when constructing your new boat. Second you will have to ask us to do the necessary arrangements, so we can CE mark your new boat.

As said before there is not required you get your new boat CE marked when building it from one of our boat kits. It's also not required you order the CE marking at the same time as you order your boat kit. You can just as well order it later.

If you have any questions to the CE marking please contact us by phone or email.

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