Clinker build dinghy as boat kit or finished boat

Duckling boat kit

Boatkits presents a genuine novelty. This small clinker build dinghy - The Duckling - is suitable as an auxiliary boat, and can replace the inflatable dinghy or the red plastic dinghy.

Boatkits has used more than 2 years to develop this boat kit and to nurture the the classic clinker look. Furthermore we have designed the boat kit to be as easy to build as possible, so you can build, the boat in just one weekend.

This little dinghy will adore any sailboat or, as Morten Olesen from Boatkits tell:

“When we cruise the waters there is thousands of beautiful sail boats, but on the summer cruises these boats are often loaded with ugly inflatable boats or red plastic dinghies, and to be honest, it does not look nice. That’s why we developed this little clinker dinghy, that will look good on every sailboat or motorboat.”

Boatkits deliver “The Duckling” as finished boat or as boat kit. More information and prices on phone 0045 3095 7222 or Boatkits website

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