Boat Trip Turkey Ergun Dundar



When choosing a Turkish Mediterranean boat charter you may be overwhelmed by which company to commit to. Especially if booking over the internet, it can be confusing to make a decision. What kind of experience do you choose? It seems like all the website photos show picture perfect images of aqua waters, turtles and smiling customers…. So how does one make a sensible decision and commit to one company? While Boat Trip Turkey is not the cheapest option, we do offer you the most signature experience and the best value for money dollar for dollar or Euro for Euro. Seriously. You don’t have to take our word for it, simply take a look at the consistently glowing reviews we receive from our loyal clients, many of whom are return customers. Our recipe works because of our attention to detail. We’re not into the factory attitude to tourism. Instead we believe in an (affordable) boutique experience. That means we offer you beautiful, well maintained vessels, friendly and attentive (but unobtrusive service), fresh, delicious food, and an array of options in terms of water sports and general R & R. WHY CHOOSE US Simple: We get the recipe just right. We listen. We give you that experience you’ve been dreaming of while sitting at your desk at work. It’s a custom made holiday according to your tastes. While there are myriad charter companies plying their trade along the famed Turquoise Coast, our team distinguishes itself in a number of ways:

1. WE SPEAK FLUENT ENGLISH With us, there’s not stress of ‘getting lost in translation.’ We are also travellers and know the hassles involved when someone doesn’t completely ‘get’ what you want. Not only is Captain Ergun a completely fluent English speaker, he’s also great company and a good conversationalist who will make you and your family feel completely at ease and answer all your questions and queries in an informative manner. Having someone who ‘speaks your language’ in every sense of the word is worth its weight in gold when one is planning a cruising holiday or day trip.

2. TOYS R US! We have a great range of aquatic toys and gear on board to really enhance your experience with us. Depending on your tastes and weather permitting, you can choose from a range of awesome activities, most of which are all included in your charter fee! How about a spot of scenic snorkelling, some leisurely paddling with our kayaks or stand up paddle board? A trip on our speed boat? A spot of adrenaline inducing waterskiing? (The only activity you pay an extra fee for). Or, experience the thrill of being pulled through the water by our underwater sea scooter while fish and coral gazing? You name it, we have it. All our gear is new, in top condition and impeccably maintained. Come and enjoy.

3. FREE VIDEOS & PHOTOS Captain Ergun loves nothing better than putting his new Go Pro Hero 3 to good use documenting the highlights of your trip! As a special service, you will be gifted with the footage/aerial photos as a token to remember the experience. It’s a great way to show friends and family back home what you’ve been up to and can be shared on social media in real time! The footage taken with Captain Ergun’s drone is the perfect memento and a great way to re-live your dream holiday!

4. CONNECTIVITY Captain Ergun is a true gadget fundi! For those of us addicted to social media and the web we have wireless services, iPods and all manner of toys to keep you connected with your network. There’s nothing worse than being on holiday but worrying about some emergency situation at work. With us, that is not cause for concern. That said we do encourage you to pack away that smart phone and laptop and unwind properly. After all, that is why you’re here, right? Grab a chilled glass of (really decent, we promise) Turkish Sauvignon Blanc or a chilly Efes Lager and enjoy the fresh sea air, amazing sights and soothing rhythm of on board life!

5. FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD! We pride ourselves on our delicious array of signature Turkish dishes. Everything is fresh as can be, lovingly prepared, served with style and takes your tastes and preferences completely into account. Our team are highly knowledgeable when it comes to local cuisine and use only seasonal produce. We conjure up an array of delectable treats for all three meals of the day, so prepare to feast! We love good food and can’t wait to share our local specialities with you. We can’t wait to meet you and help you create some fantastic memories.

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