Marlow Ropes Ltd.

NEW BLACK Dyneema from Marlow Ropes!

NEW Marlow product options with BLACK Dyneema® at DUSSELDORF BOOT 2016!

Marlow continues to work with the latest fibre innovations from the worlds most reputable, innovative and trusted fibre producers. With the launch of DSM Dyneema’s black Dyneema®, we are able to offer a number of product upgrades and improvements that were not possible with traditional coating methods. Super strong and light, made from UHMwPE, 15 times stronger than steel and up to 40% stronger than aramid fibers on a weight-for-weight basis, it’s everything white Dyneema® is – in permanent black.

Black Dyneema® fiber is perfect for those situations – aesthetic or usability – where a black material is desirable. The black color is integral to the fiber. It’s not a coating. It cannot wear off. And the breaking strength, stiffness, low elongation, low weight, durability and consistent quality are exactly the same as you are used to with Dyneema®.

The launch of black Dyneema® now enables us to offer black cores and cover and marker options within our Grand Prix Series that would previously have been susceptible to fading or wear. This is thanks to the DSM’s new melt dying process during manufacture which means that the yarn holds colour all the way through.

Key amongst Marlow’s product improvements include black chafe cover and lifelines as well as solid black D12 cores and lashline (SK75 only) as well as MGP and Oceanus cover options.

A key innovation for lifelines is the ability to now incorporate retro-reflective or glow-in-the-dark markers in black lifelines for added safety during night-time offshore crossings and races.

We will have a number of samples available that will show the BLACK Dyneema® at our stand!


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