Navionics SonarChart™ Live now compatible with any sounder via Wi-Fi - Real-time chart generation tool expands list of compatible plotters and sounders to allow all boaters to wirelessly monitor impro

SonarChart Live

Navionics, the leader in content and location-based
services for the recreational boating and outdoor
markets, has recently expanded compatibility of
its award-winning SonarChart™ Live to include
Raymarine Dragonfly PRO and Wi-Fish systems.
SonarChart™ Live is available for free with the
Navionics Boating app for iPhone and iPad, and for
Android smartphones and tablets.

With SonarChart™ Live, boaters can connect GPS
chartplotters, sounders and fishfinders with their
mobile devices using Wi-Fi and view an HD bathymetry
map in real time while navigating. Raymarine Dragonfly
PRO and Wi-Fish users can also view charts and CHIRP
DownVision in split-screen within the Navionics
Boating app.

SonarChart™ Live is also now available for use with
any sounder or plotter connected to a compatible
Wi-Fi router, such as Digital Yacht’s Sonar Server. Once
a device is connected via Wi-Fi to Navionics Boating,
sonar data is streamed to the app to instantly create
and display a personal SonarChart™ Live map layer on
top of existing charts. Boaters simply engage the GPS
and watch as the new HD detailed bathymetry chart
reveals the shape of the sea floor with detailed bottom
contours in real time as the boat moves across the
water. These up-to-the-minute details are saved and
stored on the mobile device for continued private use
and can be edited and refined over time.

“What’s most exciting about SonarChart™ Live is
that any boater can create and enjoy better charts
with very little effort or expenditure,” said Don Black,
senior vice president of global sales and marketing,
Navionics. “There is something powerful and exciting
about watching charts develop and improve right
before your eyes.”

While SonarChart™ Live is the result of a single user’s
input and stored directly on their device, the depth
information collected by all users generates a stream
of private data shared with Navionics to improve
SonarChart™ for all boaters. SonarChart™ Live is an
excellent way to monitor in real time the improvements
a survey will bring to Navionics SonarChart™. All users
who contributed can check the processing status of
their sonar logs and see them on the map on navionics.

Currently, the following Wi-Fi devices are compatible
with SonarChart™ Live:

Dragonfly 4 and 5 PRO models and Wi-Fish wireless
sonar from Raymarine
These compatible devices can each connect to the
Navionics Boating app using their built-in wireless
capability. Both provide CHIRP DownVision™ to the
app’s unique split-screen view, while the Dragonfly
PRO also displays a conventional sonar fishfinder view.

SonarPhone T-BOX 200 and 300 from Vexilar
This dedicated wireless sounder displays a fishfinder in split-screen with Navionics charts in the Navionics Boating app. Fishfinder settings can be adjusted within the app for optimal sensitivity under various conditions.

GoFree WIFI-1 Module and Chartplotters with
integrated GoFree wireless connectivity
The GoFree NMEA 0183 Wi-Fi router allows boaters to
stream depth data from their compatible Lowrance,
Simrad or B&G chartplotter/sounder to the Navionics
Boating app. Lowrance HDS Gen3 display include
built-in GoFree wireless connectivity.

Sonar Server by Digital Yacht
This NMEA 0183 Wi-Fi router allows boaters to
stream depth data from a wide range of compatible
chartplotters/sounders to the Navionics Boating app.

SonarChart™ Live is available with the Navionics
Boating app versions 8.1 and greater for iPhone
and iPad, and 5.0 and greater for Android. To learn
more about SonarChart™ Live, visit

About Navionics

For 30 years, Navionics® has developed and manufactured electronic navigation charts and systems for marine, inland lakes and rivers, and outdoors use. Navionics, based in Viareggio, Italy, operates its US headquarters in Wareham, MA, and worldwide offices in the UK, India, Australia, Estonia and Russia.

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