Elvstrøm Sails A/S

Code Permanent Hoist

The Code Permanent hoist is an UV-protected code sail for cruising sailors who are looking for maximum power, but at the same time are looking for extremely easy handling while at sea. The sail is part of the “Code” family, but especially designed to stay up and ready for use all the time! This unique design combines all the great details and advantages from 2 different sail designs, the Yankee high cut genoa and the typical Code 0 in one single sail. The sail can be hoisted in the harbor and can then be left up all day long, overnight, and even for weeks while on your way.

The sail has a high clew for better downwind performance and visibility at sea. The sail is used on an AT cable and the furling system is bottom/up. The bottom/up system means that the sail is furled from the bottom and up and therefore reacts immediately when you pull the furler line. Due to the somewhat stiffer material the sail will stay compact and tight when furled in and not in use!

Exhibitor Data Sheet