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Concept boat ALUKIN Ocean Air 8

Alukin Ocean Air 8 
The vision for us at Alukin has been crystal clear from the start, to create sustainable boats for active people who love the archipelago, coast, and sea! The concept boat Ocean Air 8 is now being launched, the first aluminum boat of its kind that uses new technology to reduce energy consumption for increased range for electric propulsion!

The project is a collaboration between Alukin aluminum boats, which is part of the Nimbus Group, the Norwegian engineering company Pascal Technologies, and the Norwegian Evoy Electrical Boat Systems. ALUKIN Ocean Air 8 is a concept boat developed with the aim of contributing to the development of a more sustainable boating life. In this project, we want to use new technology to test ways to streamline and reduce energy consumption for increased range for electric power, which is a limitation of many alternatives available on the market today. In combination with the fact that the boats are built in fully recyclable aluminum, we can further contribute to reducing the environmental impact.

The strength of this hull design and technology is above all that it promotes reach in combination with load capacity. With 33% lower energy consumption, we can increase the range by 50%!

How it works
Alukin Ocean Air 8 is based on Pascal's AirHull technology that reduces energy consumption for planing boats. A fan system in the bow automatically kicks in as the boat moves forward, filling up a space under the boat with air. A slight overpressure is created between the hull and the water, which means that both wave and friction resistance are reduced during the boat's progress. The hull design contributes to reduced energy consumption and facilitates a transition to electrification. The concept boat is powered by an electric outboard engine from Evoy.

"With this project, we are aiming for the boaters of the future and the generation that this year will be the largest on the planet, generation Z. We named the concept boat Ocean Air 8, which signals the area of use and function, i.e. the boat's progress that is facilitated by the air pressure against water. The number 8 is the length of the hull in meters," says Maria Nikula, Brand Manager for the Alukin brand at Nimbus Group.

"Aluminum is a fantastic material and our choice from the start in all of Alukin's boats. It's durable and it's part of a never-ending cycle," concludes Maria Nikula. 

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