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Exciting news: Welcome aboard the first Nautitech 48 Open! ⛵

Dear Multihuller,

we are delighted to introduce you to the new flagship of the Nautitech shipyard - the Nautitech 48 Open!
In our latest video, we took a close look at this impressive blue water catamaran and test sailed it off La Rochelle.
We have recorded our visit on board in a video (see link below).

The Nautitech 48 Open is not only characterized by its high-performance sailing characteristics, but also impresses with a well thought-out space utilization concept and the outstanding construction and workmanship quality of the Nautitech shipyard.
This blue water catamaran will be a refreshing addition to the cruising catamaran segment and sets new standards.
We are looking forward to the reactions of the sailing community and look forward to experiencing many more cruises on board the 48 OPEN.

Join us on this exciting journey and discover why the Nautitech 48 Open stands for unforgettable sailing experiences!

Best regards
Your cat sale crew

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