Hoek Yachts Brokerage & Charter B.V.

Hoek Design and Hoek Brokerage

Hoek Design contineus to develop beatiful modern classic sailing yachts ranging in sizes from a 33ft to 222 ft, a design which is currently on the drawing boards.  
Also classicly styled motor yachts ranging from 38 ft to 200 ft have been developed and built or are being designed.

Hoek Brokerage specialised in the selling of exsisiting Hoek Designed yachts, such as the Truly Classic range, One Off designed yachts and other yachts that fall in a similar classic category as the Hoek Designed yachts .
Hoek Brokerage has a great portfolio of beautiful classic charter yachts ranging from 57ft to 185 ft, with avialbilities in the Medditerranean, the Caribbean and the Baltic seas. Recently Hoek Brokerage is also represented permanently in Pama de Mallorca.

Please be kindly invited to come by our stand at Hall 7a nr C04 where we will be ready to fill you in about further exiting information what Hoek Design and Hoek Brokerage have to offer.

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