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IMCI (UK) issues the very first UKCA certificate to BSI

UKCA certification
IMCI (UK) issues the very first UKCA certificate to BSI

IMCI (UK) is proud to have issued its first ever UKCA certificate as a UK Approved Body. This marks the certification of a hatch from BSI of Denmark, which was previously inspected by IMCI (UK) Inspector Lars Olsen. BSI has fulfilled all relevant requirements of the UK Recreational Craft Regulation. As this is congruent with the EU Recreational Craft Directive, IMCI (UK) and IMCI are pleased that the BSI product could be CE certified at the same time.

BSI has also been supplying the world's leading wind turbine manufacturers with high-quality skylights for many decades. In addition to the standard product range, BSI also develops and supplies customised hatches for nacelles and turbine blades.

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