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More than 60 boats from Finland at the boot Düsseldorf 2024

The Finnish boat industry will be represented at the boot Düsseldorf with more than 60 boats, including 10 world premieres. In addition to 17 Finnish boat manufacturers, the show will also feature the expertise of Oceanvolt, a pioneer in electric propulsion systems for boats, and Remoran, which manufactures hydrogen generators for sailing boats.

1.    Aquador Boats: Hall 4 / A56
2.    Axopar Boats: Hall 4 / B59
3.    Buster Aluminium Boats: Hall 4 / B20
4.    Cross Boats: Hall 4 / B20
5.    Elvene Boats: Hall 1 / A06
6.    Finnmaster Boats: Hall 4 / A21
7.    Flipper Boats: Hall 4 / A56
8.    Grandezza Boats: Hall 4 / A21
9.    Nautor Swan: Hall 16 / A58 (sailing), Hall 5 / A22 (power models)
10. Nord Star Boats: Hall 4 / D20
11. Oceanvolt electric propulsion: Hall 10 / A49
12. Quarken Boats: Hall 4 / B19
13. Remoran hydrogenerations: Hall 10 / G64
14. Sargo Boats: Hall 4 / B21
15. Saxdor Yachts: Hall 4 / D39
16. Targa Boats: Hall 4 / B22
17. Valkama Watercrafts: Hall 4 / D02
18. XO Boats: Hall 4 / D40
19. Yamarin Boats: Hall 4 / B20

World premieres at the boot Düsseldorf 2024:

Axopar 29 XC Cross Cabin
Axopar 29 Sun-top
Brabus Shadow 1200 XC Cross Cabin
Brabus Shadow 1000 XC Cross Cabin
Finnmaster F 11 Weekend
Quarken 35 Cabin
SARGO 45 with 2 cabins 
Saxdor 400 GTC
Swan OverShadow
Targa 41

Thanks to its thousands of lakes, vast archipelago, and long coastline, Finland is a superpower of leisure boating, with a long history of boatbuilding and a strong passion for boating. The Finnish boat building industry’s experience in designing and building boats for both challenging archipelago routes and open coasts has made its products highly regarded around the world. Thanks to Finnish expertise and understanding of variable weather conditions, the products are suitable for boating on any areas of the world. At the boot Düsseldorf, Finns are presenting a wide range of boats, from small and easy-to-handle multi-purpose boats to large yachts.

Boot 2024 will open at the Düsseldorf exhibition centre on Saturday, January 20, and the exhibition will continue until January 28. The boot Düsseldorf is organised for the 55th time.

Find out more about what Finns have to offer:

Finnish Marine Industries Federation Finnboat
Finnish Marine Industries Federation Finnboat is the umbrella organisation for Finland’s strong marine industry and trade. Finnboat membership represents close to one hundred percent of both the nation’s domestic marine industry turnover and the value of boat exports.

Finnboat: Hall 4 / A20

Aquador – Scandinavian Heritage
In Düsseldorf, Bella Boats will present the current models of its Aquador brand: the luxurious weekender boats 300 HT and 250 HT. The Aquador 300 Hard Top is a refined 30ft cruiser designed for those who appreciate comfort, a little luxury, space, and enjoyment for both yourself and for those closest to you. The level of space and features on the 300 HT are usually only reserved for much larger boats. 

Aquador 300 HT has been nominated as finalist for the prestigious 2024 Motor Boat of the Year award. Behind the award is the respected British boating magazine Motorboat & Yachting, which annually selects the winners for the Motor Boat of the Year award.

Unique Hard-Top design of the Aquador 250 HT provides shelter from the elements, protection from the sun, allowing air to flow freely, and leaving space to sunbathe. Large social area and cockpit all on one floor level means improved access, safety, and functionality.

Bella Boats (Bella-Veneet Oy) is one of the biggest shipyards in Finland. With over 50 years of experience in boat building, Bella produces the boat brands Aquador, Flipper, Falcon, and Bella.

Aquador Boats: Hall 4 / A56

Aquador boats on display:
Aquador 250 HT
Aquador 300 HT

Axopar Boats – The Adventure Company
Axopar is a renowned brand in the world of boating, recognized for its innovative and high-performance boats, with a focus on drivability, cutting-edge design, functionality, and modularity.  The fleet is in the size range of 22-to-45-foot boats.

Axopar Boats: Hall 4 / B59

Axopar boats on display:

Axopar 29 XC Cross Cabin (world premiere)
Axopar 29 Sun-top (world premiere)
Shadow 1200 XC Cross Cabin (world premiere)
Shadow 1000 XC Cross Cabin (world premiere)
Axopar 45 Cross Top
Axopar 45 XC Cross Cabin 
Axopar 37 XC Cross Cabin
Axopar 37 Sun-Top 
Axopar 25 Cross-Top
Axopar 22 Spyder 
Shadow 300 Cross Top 

Buster – Aluminium boats since 1955
Buster is a pioneer of aluminium boats, whose history stretches back to the 1950s. Of over 125.000 boats that Buster has launched over the past 6 decades, the majority is still in use.  On display is an interesting selection from the luxurious all-weather Buster Magnum Cabin to the small and handy Buster XSr.

Buster Magnum Cabin is a stylish, comfortable, and easy to handle boat for all weather conditions that is designed for eight persons. Large panoramic windows and unobstructed 360-degree visibility give the interior the feel of being in an open boat except with all the comforts of a cabin.

With an overall length of more than seven metres, Buster SuperMagnum provides an impressive and safe feel of a large boat. The SuperMagnum at the boot Düsseldorf is the Performance Model with four offshore seats equipped with premium shock mitigation seat bases by Scandinavian Seat Suspension Systems.

The Buster XXL has always represented sporty speedboats in Buster’s product range. The new Buster XXL is a well-equipped open boat for eight persons that can reach a maximum speed of 43 knots with the largest 150-horsepower engine. The new XXL offers excellent performance, and the stable and precise driving feel gives the impression of a much larger boat. With the Buster’s own fishing accessories package, the Buster XXL has been transformed into the perfect workstation for angling. The fishing accessories package includes rod boxes, casting decks at the bow and stern, and a side mount for a bow engine. 

Buster M is available in two configurations: side console and twin console. The side console version Buster M1 is a simple, uncluttered all-round boat – due to its open deck arrangement it is equally well suited for commuting, transporting gear and fishing. Buster XSr is a small console boat that entertains the entire family! It is easy to handle and has predictable driving characteristics, which makes it a trustworthy and safe choice even for the younger members of the family. The wide waterline makes Buster XSr an extremely stable boat in its own weight and size category.

Buster Aluminium Boats: Hall 4 / B20

Buster boats on display:
Buster Magnum Cabin
Buster SuperMagnum
Buster XXL Fishing Edition
Buster M1
Buster XSr

Cross Boats – Stylish and practical boats with a sturdy aluminium hull
The stylish and practical Cross boats combine a sturdy and reliable aluminium hull with the interior space of a fibreglass boat. The Cross aluminium boat range is represented by the sporty VMAX version of the Cross 62 bowrider – the fast-paced, sporty aluminium hull open boat has been given a boost from high-performance Yamaha V MAX SHO outboard – and multi-purpose cabin boat, Cross 60 Cabin.

With the Cross 60 Cabin a long boating season is guaranteed by the protective cabin, which allows you to boat even in challenging conditions. These features make the Cross 60 Cabin an excellent all-around commuting boat. Due to the open bow and aft deck, you can also transport all your belongings easily and carefree.

Cross Aluminium Boats: Hall 4 / B20

Cross boats on display:
Cross 62 VMAX
Cross 60 C

Elvene – New tech mixed with old wisdom
The super-light flagship model Elvene Amber combines the practicality and offshore capabilities of a Center Console with the comfort and overnight possibilities of a Day Cruiser. With her two independent motors, built-in easy-to-use infotainment system, seating for 7 and cuddy cabin, Amber provides you with everything you need to enjoy real freedom on the seas. Solar powered Amber provides infinite range at low cruising speed, 20 NM at high cruising speed.

Elvene solar-powered electrical boats: Hall 1 / A06

Finnmaster Boats – Dynamic style and freedom of boating
Finnmaster boats are a testimony of the strength that lies within the Finnish boatbuilding tradition. In Finnmaster’s collection, T Series means daycruiser models. The Finnmaster T series day cruisers combine both sportiness and comfort. Here, all the models in the series are as stable and comfortable in their driving characteristics as they are easy to use, making them a perfect sport boat and an unrivalled family boat.

Finnmaster T6 Day Cruiser is clearly as beautiful, fun, and practical as its big sisters in the T-series. It’s versatile with a cockpit sofa seating for even a large group and it can easily be converted into a comfortable sundeck for those sunny days. The short bow, the stylish hull graphics and the modern LED docking lights finish the overall sporty impression. The sturdy hull guarantees excellent manoeuvrability for versatile and safe boating.

Finnmaster T7 is totally unique, the perfect meeting between modern top design and practical details. Thanks to Finnmaster’s Smart Design concept it’s possible for all of the family to relax together in the cockpit either at the teak table or on the sun bed, which is easy to convert when it is as hot as it gets during the day. There is also plenty of room to spend the night in the bow, which features a large double bed and a toilet.

The luxurious Finnmaster T8 combines unique driving features, Smart Design solutions and quite simply the best materials. The award-winning and versatile day cruiser lets you go from having dinner with the whole family to rapidly and easily transforming the dining area into one of the harbour’s most beautiful sundecks. When the sun has finally set, the whole family can spend the night in the large cabin, which is equipped with a separate toilet unit.

Finnmaster Boats: Hall 4 / A21

Finnmaster boats on display:
Finnmaster F 11 Weekend – (world premiere)
Finnmaster T6
Finnmaster T7
Finnmaster T8

Flipper Boats – Fun, social and sporty experience with style and quality
In Düsseldorf, Bella Boats will present the flagship of the sporty Flipper collection, 900 ST. An exceptional boat effortlessly accommodates larger groups in two separate cabins. The luxurious deck area offers plenty of room for sunbathing and relaxation and genuine feel of space with the roof that can be folded all the way down. The entire Flipper model range is proudly made in Finland.

Flipper 900 DC has been nominated as finalist for the prestigious 2024 Motor Boat of the Year award. Behind the award is the respected British boating magazine Motorboat & Yachting, which annually selects the winners for the Motor Boat of the Year award.

Bella Boats (Bella-Veneet Oy) is one of the biggest shipyards in Finland. With over 50 years of experience in boat building, Bella produces the boat brands Aquador, Flipper, Falcon, and Bella.

Flipper Boats: Hall 4 / A56

Flipper boats on display:
Flipper 900 ST

Grandezza Boats – Designed for social living
Designed and built in Ostrobothnia, Finland, Grandezza day cruisers and cabin boats are highly esteemed by yachtsmen and women all over Europe. The unparalleled design combined with the finest quality in craft and precision in every detail make Grandezza the perfect companion for prestigious times at sea.

The smallest Grandezza at the boot Düsseldorf is the Grandezza 25 day cruiser. The stylish and inviting cockpit together with the sun lounge offers an enjoyable environment for socialising, topped with a premium sport boat experience. Other four models on display are larger cabin boats, including the almost 12-meter flagship Grandezza 37 CA.

The Grandezza 28 OC is the perfect choice when you value easy living on the waters. The spacious and sociable cockpit with a sizable dinette and a large sunbed is ideal for getting the most out of sunny days and the comfortable, light, and airy cabin makes overnight staying easy.

The Grandezza 30 CA offers an unforgettable sporty driving experience in its size category. The impressive dynamic hull design guarantees excellent driving characteristics and on the lower deck, there are two spacious and luxurious cabins, and a separate bathroom with shower and electric flush toilet. Large panorama windows bring natural light into the forward cabin which has a convertible scissors berth.

The distinctive and stylish Grandezza 34 OC with the state-of-the-art galley and the generously sized dining area in the open cockpit is designed for delightful days with friends and family. The innovative layout makes the spacious and airy cabins on the lower deck peaceful for resting.

The Grandezza 37 CA offers freedom of open-air cruising. The saloon and aft cockpit arrangement offer a generous entertaining area. The dynamically designed hull rides smoothly through the water and the generous indoor and outdoor lounches with wetbar are perfect for entertaining.

Grandezza Boats: Hall 4 / A21

Grandezza boats on display:
Grandezza 25 S
Grandezza 28 OC
Grandezza 30 OC 
Grandezza 34 OC 
Grandezza 37 CA

Nord Star – Voyager of Northern seas
Nord Star boats are well known for good manoeuvrability and smooth rides through rough seas and along sunny coasts. Bespoke, handmade Finnish boatbuilding and good performance has given a proven soul to each boat and the manufacturer Linex Boat is devoted to build tailor-made boats to last for generations.

Nord Star 33+ offers superior living comfort in its class. Walk-around access with three doors guarantee safe and easy passage on deck. A luxurious salon offers extra comfort for excursions. Galley can be placed either up in the saloon or down in the front. The cabins are designed for a mature taste: in front it has a bed for two, the center cabin offers sleeping space for up to three persons. A large toilet and shower are placed in the front.

Seaworthiness, comfort, and modern elegance are keywords that describe the Nord Star 42+. She comes with full beam front and aft cabins en-suite and a separate shower room. Two layout options available with the possibility to have the galley placed up in the saloon or down in the front. Walk-around deck and three doors access into the saloon guarantee safe and easy passage. Flybridge is optional.

Nord Star: Hall 4 / D20

Nord Star boats on display:

Nord Star 33+
Nord Star 42+

Oceanvolt – Hybrid and electric marine power and propulsion systems
Oceanvolt will be showcasing its cutting-edge electric propulsion systems at Boot Düsseldorf 2024. One of the highlights is the launch of the new X-Yachts Xc 47, nominated in the European Yacht of the Year competition. Equipped with the state-of-the-art Oceanvolt HighPower ServoProp 25, this collaboration between Oceanvolt and X-Yachts (stand 15 A24) represents a leap forward in sustainable and high-performance sailing.

The jury of the DAME technology award selected the outstanding HighPower ServoProp 25 from Finnish electric inboard pioneer Oceanvolt to win the Propulsion & Dynamics category.  In a closely run final round this product then claimed the overall DAME 2023 Award against other excellent category winners.
Oceanvolt electric propulsion on display

Oceanvolt electric propulsion: Hall 10 / A49 
Oceanvolt and X-Yachts X-Yachts Xc 47 with Oceanvolt HighPower ServoProp 25: Hall 15 / A24
KM Yachtbuilders Bestevaer 36 with Oceanvolt ServoProp 15: Hall 7a / C01
Menken Maritiem BV Flyer 33 with Oceanvolt SD6: Hall 16 / D58

Quarken – Beautiful simplicity and clean state-of-the-art Nordic design
The essence of the Quarken fleet lies in its beautiful simplicity and clean state-of-the-art Nordic design. The fleet consists of models in the 27-35 range with plans to extend the range over 40 feet in future.

The Quarken 35 Cabin will make her awaited World Premiere at boot Düsseldorf 2024. Designed and assembled in Finland, the Quarken 35 Cabin stands for a premium and sporty experience on the water. Clean, modern, and sophisticated Nordic design combined with a nimble, responsive, and fuel-efficient twin-step hull, gives a new meaning for riding in style. The spacious cabin offers panoramic views with great visibility and easy access as well as plenty of room for a functional galley and a dining area. The glass sky window provides a light-flooded atmosphere and sweeping views for your quests. The 35 Cabin is powered by twin Yamaha F300 outboard engines.

The Quarken 27 Cabin is a confident, comfortable, and pleasant commuter to explore the seas with smart and innovative solutions to suit a wide variety of user areas. A perfect fit for warm climates as well for extending the boating season in colder climates, easy to use and handle daily no matter the weather or if skipped alone.

The Quarken 27 T-Top offers the perfect blend of thrilling performance, sun protection, and comfort. The Quarken 27 T-Top handles with confidence and is stable and predictable in all weathers, always offering a smooth and safe ride. The ultra-modern helm station is built around the skipper’s needs, with displays and switches positioned ergonomically within reach.

The Quarken 27 Open is the ultimate companion for open air-boating. The Quarken 27 Open is a perfect choice for water sports and other leisure activities out on the sea, lounging anchored in a favourite spot, and a fast and sporty boat to take you safely to your next favoured position.

Quarken Boats: Hall 4 / B19

Quarken boats on display:
Quarken 27 Open
Quarken 27 T-Top
Quarken 27 Cabin
Quarken 35 Cabin

Remoran Hydrogenerators
The Remoran Wave 3 hydrogenerator for sailboats will be presented to the German public for the first time at the Boot Düsseldorf fair on January 20-28, 2024. The hydrogenerator is currently traveling around the world with solo sailor Ari Känsäkoski who is participating in the Global Solo Challenge competition. The boat’s electricity production is fully carbon-free and uses hydrogenerators and solar panels.

The Remoran hydrogenerator is developed for sailors who want to choose their destination and journey freely, with less dependence on refueling spots and shore power. Remoran Wave 3 produces electricity while the boat is moving and charges batteries quietly and reliably. The smart charger produces up to 300 W of electricity and at the same time prevents the batteries from being overcharged. The device also works at night and in the rain when solar panels do not produce enough power.

Remoran hydrogenerators: Hall 10 / G64

Sargo – The Allseasonboat
We have the pleasure of premiering SARGO 45 with 2 cabins at the Dusseldorf Boat Show 2024. It is a up following model to the SARGO 45 with 3 cabins that was launched last year. SARGO 45 with 2 cabins makes the entire lower foredeck to a huge master cabin with well-sized spaces. In addition to a full-size bed, the master cabin also has a sofa for 2 and plenty of storage space. In addition, from the 3-cabin version, you also get a more spacious toilet with ample shower space. If 4 fixed berths feel like enough, this is the right boat for you.

In addition to the new SARGO 45 2 cabin, we also show the SARGO 36 with Ice cool Oak interior. 

Sargo Boats: Hall 4 / B21

Sargo boats on display
Sargo 45
Sargo 36

Saxdor – More boat, more value
The Saxdor fleet consists of 4 model size categories: 20-, 27-, 32- and 40-foot boats. Saxdor’s Design philosophy can be described as a combination of Italian cutting-edge Design, American functionality, German quality, and French competitive pricing combined with the Scandinavian way of boating. All Saxdor boats come with Mercury engines.

The new Saxdor 400 GTC will get the world premiere at the boot Düsseldorf. Saxdor 400 GTC will provide far more space and versatility than you would tend to expect of a 40-footer. In addition to all that user-friendly day space, there’s a forward double cabin and separate bathroom, each with standing headroom of more than 6ft.

All three Saxdor 320 versions (GTO, GTC and GT) share exquisite design, fast, powerful outboard performance, and a refined, economical hull shape. The Saxdor 320 GTO comes with a T-top and walk-around deck, Saxdor 320 GTC with a unique concept of a full beam spacious wheelhouse with easy access to the walk-around bow.

Saxdor 270 GTO was nominated as a finalist in the “Best for Fun” category at the Best of Boats Award 2023. This nomination underscores the boat’s blend of exhilarating performance and playful versatility.  With its deep V entry of the inverted bow, the 270 GT promises a stable and thrilling ride across various water conditions, catering to the sports enthusiast with grace.

Saxdor Yachts: Hall 4 / D39
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Saxdor boats on display:
Saxdor 400 GTC
Saxdor 400 GTO 
Saxdor 320 GTO 
Saxdor 320 GTC 
Saxdor 270 GTO 

Swan – Seaworthy, elegant, performing, and timeless yachts
Nautor Swan attends at boot Düsseldorf with a double presence in Hall 16 (A58) for the sailing division and Hall 5 (A22) for the power models.  In Hall 16 the Swan 58 will be displayed in all her beauty and elegance, while an immersive 3D experience will be offered for Swan 51, the brand-new performance cruising model announced last Cannes.

In Hall 5, the captivating Swan OverShadow is on display in a vibrant electric blue, while for those excited to learn more of the latest in the range, the Swan Power team will offer a full Virtual Tour of Swan Arrow 75 the soon-to-be-launched flagship of the power division. The new Swan Overshadow design is based on the same concept as the first Shadow, which is particularly efficient and seaworthy. In addition to the big difference of inboard engines vs outboards, the layout presents two alternative variants on and below deck to give more space and liveability onboard for longer trips. Designed by Jarkko Jämsen, the Swan OverShadow, is widening the range of uses of the boat from a day cruising boat to longer weekend getaways.

Nautor Swan: Hall 16/A58 (sailing), Hall 5/A22 (power models)

Swan boats on display:
Swan 58
Swan Overshadow

Targa Boats – Seaworthy by design, luxurious in detail
Targa is the pinnacle of offshore boating – renowned for its unparalleled quality and handling. This year Targa present the world premiere of the new Targa 41, alongside with the Targa 27.2, the Targa 32, and the Targa 46.

Targa 41 offers an updated experience celebrating the craftsmanship and competence in building modern boats ready to take on the seven seas.

Targa 46 is the biggest and most powerful Targa to date. Not only is the T46 bigger than its sister boats, but it also features a higher deck that takes lower-deck comfort to a new height. Thanks to a larger engine room, the 46 can even be equipped with twin Volvo Penta D8-IPS800s for breath-taking performance.

The Targa 27.2 is the result of the philosophy of ”making a great boat even better” and incorporation of the unique form factor and functionality of next-generation Targa boats into the new model. The pilothouse is more spacious and comfortable, and the double berth layout in the aft cabin now accommodates four passengers.

Botnia Marin: Hall 4 / B22

Targa boats on display:
Targa T27.2 
Targa 32
Targa 41 
Targa 46 
Valkama – Electric Boat for Maximum Comfort and with Zero Emissions
A green shift in boating starts from Valkama – an electric aluminum boat with solar energy charging and fly-by-wire electronic system.

Valkama Picnic Cruiser is a hydrodynamic electric boat with all the right properties needed for a high-speed, long-range electric boating. The Valkama Picnic Cruiser offers the look and feel of a bigger boat. With electricity on board the Valkama Picnic Cruiser is equipped with yacht-like features such as a refrigerator, ceramic grill, and high-quality sound system for an enjoyable, sustainable and reasonably priced electric boating experience. Moreover, Valkama is equipped with a fly-by-wire fully electronic control system for the smoothest driving experience possible.

Valkama Watercrafts: Hall 4 / D02

XO Boats – Aluminum boats from the rough north
XO Crossover boats are as cool as boats can get. Combining a deep-V shape hull that is manufactured of the best military grade aluminium in the market with aesthetic design enabled by state-of-the-art fiberglass, they are always ready to take you to new adventures and captivating moments.

XO DFNDR 8 is the latest XO innovation made for sports fishing and fun boat wherever you enjoy boating in the Mediterranean Sea, or at the Gulf of Mexico. The new XO DFNDR 9 has everything you need to overcome the rough seas. It is first and foremost fun to drive but works ideally in sport fishing and professional use alike. The EXPLR 10 Sport + is fit for families and friends appreciating a day offshore. EXPLR 10 S+ has convertible saloon/sleeping berth, with the optional toilet and galley module.

XO Boats: Hall 4 / D40

XO Boats on display:
DFNDR A8 Limited Edition
DFNDR A8 Fishing edition

Yamarin Boats – Designed for effortless time on the water
Yamarin focuses on the presentation of the popular day cruiser collection at the boot Düsseldorf 2024. In addition to day cruisers, the new Yamarin 59 SC side console model will be seen at the exhibition.

The new Yamarin 80 DC innovatively combines the best features of a day cruiser and a walkaround – and differs from typical Nordic day cruisers especially in the design of its bow deck, which provides comfortable and safe access to the boat from the side. The starting point when designing the new 8-metre Yamarin day cruiser was that it should also serve boaters in the Mediterranean, Florida, and Australia.

The timeless elegance of the Yamarin 88 DC is taken to the next level with the new facelift version. Carefully thought details like the wooden interior in the cabin and stainless-steel windscreen frame provide a luxurious look and feel to the flagship model, and with the Yamarin Q+ the ergonomics and convenience of the boating experience are maximised.

The Yamarin 63 Daycruiser is an excellent choice for summer days for the entire family. Due to the hull design, the handling characteristics of the boat have been further improved and more space has been created in the cabin without forgetting the modern appearance of the boat.

The spacious sofas at the bow and stern make the new Yamarin 59 SC ideal for enjoying relaxing summer days when moored at the shore or harbour. The agile boat has a little extra volume and breadth in the hull, resulting in a very stable and comfortable ride, even in sharper turns and waves.

Yamarin Day Cruisers: Hall 4 / B20

Yamarin boats on display:
Yamarin 59 SC
Yamarin 63 DC
Yamarin 80 DC
Yamarin 88 DC

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