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NEW 40mm Dynamic Block Range

We’re pleased to officially announce the launch of our brand-new 40mm dynamic block range. Available in 29 variations, all made from high-strength, lightweight glass-loaded nylon and featuring Allen’s dynamic bearing technology. The result is a high-performance block range suitable for keelboats and dinghies.

The new 40mm dynamic block range has been developed over the last couple of years with a focus on the high-performance keelboat and dinghy market. It features new variations that provide wider possibilities for different systems.

Our dynamic bearing technology is a key factor in the frictionless performance you can expect from this new range and sets it apart from the competition.

What is Allen’s dynamic bearing technology?

We use stainless steel ball bearings instead of plastic ones. Stainless steel balls roll more quickly and last longer when subjected to high working loads compared to plastic alternatives.

Pairing this with a stainless steel rail for the balls to roll on further reduces friction and improves reliability and performance over a longer period.

Admittedly, the use of stainless steel for our dynamic bearings results in a slightly heavier product. However, we believe that the increase in performance and reliability outweighs the weight difference.

To further reduce friction, we have encapsulated the ball bearings in a cage, this stops each of the bearings from rubbing against each other. The reduced friction in caged ball bearings leads to improved performance. With less friction, the bearings can operate more efficiently, requiring less energy to rotate. This results in smoother operation, reduced wear, and improved overall performance of the block.

Swivel Shackle Attachment

Double, triple, and quadruple sheave variations all come with a lockable swivel shackle attachment. The shackle can be locked in 90-degree orientations. Alternatively, remove the shackle lock and allow the block to rotate freely.

Adjustable Cleat Arms

Single, double and triple sheave options are available with aluminium ball-bearing cam cleats mounted via an adjustable arm. The arm can be adjusted to suit your sheeting angle by simply loosening the nut and bolt through the centre of the block, loosening the side plates and retightening everything at the required angle.

Becket and Fiddle Options

All of our blocks feature a large central hole through the middle of the sheave, which can be used as a tying-off point (becket), however, for the new 40mm Dynamic block range we have decided to introduce new variations with a specific becket moulding. This will allow even more rigging options, as now both the central hole and becket can be used to tie around.

The new fiddle variations feature a 20mm dynamic bearing sheave. This ensures that any purchase systems run as smoothly as possible.

Suitable applications

Where do we start? This new 40mm range is our most versatile yet and is ideal for use on sports boats, dinghies, and yachts. It all comes down to the load rather than the size of the boat. This new range features breaking loads of up to 1400KG. So, we believe we’ve got most control line applications covered!

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