Water rescue - fast rescue boat (SEB) for fire brigade, DLRG, police and THW

The Takacat models 340LX-HD, 380LX-HD, 420LX-HD and 460LX-HD are available as heavy-duty versions for water rescue and other operations under difficult conditions. An ideal rapid intervention boat (SEB) for the fire brigade, DLRG, police and THW. Due to their low immersion depth, TAKACAT catamaran inflatable boats are ideal for shallow water operations. The open bow makes it much easier to transfer people into the boat. The same applies to rescue divers and lifeguards. The open transom guarantees that the Takacats never fill up. Any water taken on board flows straight back out of the boat. Thanks to its catamaran design, the Takacat can also be used for ice rescue in winter.

In contrast to the standard models, the heavy-duty version of the Takacat is made of 1.2 mm/1450 weight RESC (red/dark blue) PVC fabric, alternatively 1.5 mm/1750 weight MIL (black) PVC fabric or 1 mm Hypalon/CSM. The top of the travelling hoses is double-reinforced with a wide strip to protect against heavy equipment.

The 15cm thick heavy-duty high-pressure floor has a full-surface and all-round PVC protective coating with an additional layer on the top (2mm) so that the boat can be walked on with heavy footwear and carrying heavy equipment is no problem.

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