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RS Marine unique Wing stabilizer

A real Dutch revolution: retractable stabilizer wings for yachts up to 100 meters.

RotorSwing Marine has successfully installed many Magnus effect roll damping systems. Although the performance of the Rotorswing Magnus stabilizers is unmatched for displacement vessels, the resistance -or Drag- at higher speeds is a drawback for semi-displacement or planing vessels. To overcome this drawback RotorSwing introduced the patented RAKE system. However, for vessels with higher cruising speeds, the drag penalty is still present.

To overcome the drag limitation, we began to carefully study aircraft wing technology and developed a new line of roll damping equipment: the WING Stabilizer. Standard stabilizing fins are typically of Low Aspect Ratio (height divided by the average width). We researched the use of High Aspect Ratio profiles, as in a typical aircraft wing. The advantages of our new WING Stabilizer system are extremely low drag, high lift and wide functionality over a greater speed range.

For medium to high cruising speeds, this new system provides great advantages in comparison with traditional fin stabilizers, and even our own Magnus effect stabilizer system. Furthermore, this new, simple design will allow us to guarantee a long life, error free operation, and low maintenance. Two models of our new WING Stabilizer are introduced: the AtCruise® and the ZeroSpeed® version. These initial offerings are designed for medium sized yachts, but systems for vessels up to and over 100m are already on the drawing board.

This product is a joint development and production of Quantum Controls and RotorSwing Marine. The unique Wing Stabilizer is the most innovative roll and pitch damping system available today. Worldwide patents are pending

Main applications:
• Roll damping AtCruise®
• Pitch damping
• Trim around pitch axis
• ZeroSpeed® roll damping
• Emergency propulsion
• Optional Dynamic Positioning

• Extremely low drag while retracted
• Universal placement, best near the transom
• High Aspect Ratio wing with low drag penalty
• Bilge keel function when retracted
• Raked wing for high speed applications,
• No steering effect
• All actuators inside the vessel, repairs can be completed with vessel in the water

For more information contact:
Philip Erkens
RotorSwing Marine BV
T: 00 31 (0)46 423 4206

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