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WAECO CoolFreeze CF series in a new design - Compact compressor technology that fits into every niche

The well-proven, popular compressor coolers of the WAECO CoolFreeze CF series now come in a new design and in new sizes.

The well-proven, popular compressor coolers of the WAECO CoolFreeze CF series now come in a new design and in new sizes. The extremely compact shape and a new compressor make them even lighter in weight and easier to handle. In fact, they are almost as simple to use as their thermoelectric counterparts. Shoulder straps, practical carrier handles or grips make them ideal companions for shopping, trip or weekend outings. Given their super-compact dimensions they will easily fit into any niche onboard.
Also new on the WAECO CoolFreeze CF series is that all members of the product family now feature the practical “one world circuit”. This means they will run automatically on any power supply, from 12 to 240 volts. Where power consumption is concerned, they have a favourable A++ energy efficiency rating. Other distinctive features all CF series coolers have in common are the practical digital display and the special electronic system which can be set with one-degree accuracy.
WAECO CoolFreeze CF series coolers are now available in three handy sizes, 11, 16 and 26 litres in capacity. The two larger models can be firmly secured in the vehicle with an optional fixing kit.
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