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The diving classroom - lessons that really go deep


Schools in Rheinbach in North Rhine-Westphalia have a special feature, an uncommon subject among the in the compulsory optional subject range: diving as a school sport.
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Diving holiday: Good preparation is everything


Vacation time is precious. A diving holiday, especially when the destination is further away, therefore needs good preparation to be a success.
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Diving and working combined in paradise


Many divers are dreaming of a career in diving. Many find a job as a dive guide in a dive center, resort or on a liveaboard. But there are also other opportunities...
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Behind the Mask - The Magic of the Underwater World

The people of Behind the Mask are all enthusiastic divers and have produced 20 exclusive films for boot
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Diving after pregnancy

boot blogger Bettina Winert has summarized on the basis of current first-hand experience once, what divers should consider after pregnancy...
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Spring check for diving equipment


After a long winter, the time has finally come again. Our fins are itching and we’re ready to dive again. It’s time to gently awaken our scuba gear from the long winter hibernation and make sure it’s fit for the coming dive season in local lakes or on our next diving holiday..
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Five Hot Spots for Divers from April to August

Spring has arrived, the equipment been taken from the storage and checked for the next dive. What you need now are five top diving destinations for the first half of the new season...
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The Hot Spots for Divers from September to January


While it starts to get colder in Europe, the diving season has not to come to an end yet. There are still many places around the globe that offer spectacular dives at this time of the year...
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Handicapped Diving - Objectives, Training & Planning

There are now a wide variety of programs and organizations that combine diving with therapeutic objectives - What should be considered.
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Safe Diving - Decompression Tips

Don't be afraid of decompression - in the end it's also just a slow ascent with small "breaks". This way you can make your dives much safer...
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