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Pure watersports! The fascination of Patin sailing

“It’s a complete reduction to the essentials”, enthuses Patin sailor Andreas Bredendiek. “Just water, wind, you and the Patin. You can't find a purer form of sailing.”
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Your own boat thanks to Corona – the current boat market

The start of the sailing season was suddenly slowed down this year by Corona.
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Sailing Rebels - Your life. Your adventure.

"Segelrebellen" as a non-profit organization wants to help people to gain new courage and strength after suffering from cancer through sailing trips. "F*UCK CANCER - GO SAILING"...
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Summer holidays? Sailing camp for kids!


The summer holidays are here! Time to leave school behind and hop in a boat! Now is the best time for kids of all ages to discover their passion for sailing. And besides, they’ll be well looked after at the sailing school.
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Timmendorf not Trinidad – Goodbye Sailing around the world in times of Corona


Christoph and Ellen-Maria Nelles are back in Cologne. Actually, the two round-the-world sailors wanted to be in the Caribbean with their catamaran “JOYA”. But because of Corona they had to change course back home.
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The measurement formula ORC

In 1969, the Offshore Racing Congress met to establish a uniform measurement system. The goal was to allow different yachts to sail against each other....
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How to anchor correctly - Anchoring made easy

Das Liegen im Freien ist zwar weniger geschützt als innerhalb der Hafenmauern, aber dafür meist umso idyllischer.
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Which boating licences do I need?


Are you dreaming of the perfect holiday, surrounded by water, wind and sun? A chartered yacht is an excellent way to enjoy the sea and breathtaking coastal scenery from the water. Find out here what you need to consider when chartering a yacht and which licences you need.
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The radiotelephony certificate - mandatory for the skipper

Skipper ohne gültiges Funkzeugnis, die eine mit einer funktechnischen Anlage ausgerüstete Yacht führen, verstoßen gegen die SportSeeSchV.
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Sailing licenses of the DSV


The sailing licenses of the DSV are not official driving licenses, but can still be useful to learn the basic concepts of sailing.
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