Interview with wingfoil pioneer Balz Müller

"Wingfoiling is absolute freedom"

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Hello Balz, it’s great to have you give the boot community an insight into your exciting sport. What fascinates you about wingfoiling and what makes it so special for you?

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On your Instagram channel you show fascinating videos of your incredible manoeuvres. How much respect do you have as a freestyler for such flights? Or do you just go for it without too much thought?

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What is your favourite place to foil and why?

What tips would you like to give beginners? What should they definitely consider and is any previous experience required or can absolutely anyone start with wingfoiling?

One last question: What are your sports goals and ambitions for 2021?

Try Wingfoiling at boot Düsseldorf 2022

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Copyright @ Roger Gruetter
Copyright @ Roger Gruetter

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