Enjoy endless freedom on board

How to become a sailor, motorboat skipper or house boat captain

Fascination sailing / Foto: Pixabay

Fascination sailing - it's worth a try!

sailing - how to start? (c) Pixabay

I would like to sail - how to start?

10 tips for sailing / Foto: Pixabay

10 tips for newcomers to sailing

Yachting holidays / Foto: Beneteau

Dreaming of a holiday on board

Discover Motorboating / (c) Jeanneau

Motorboats: it's so easy to get started

inflatable boats for beginners / Foto: Yamaha

Inflatable boats - pleasure with pressure

House boat holidays / Foto: LeBoat

Family holidays on a house boat

Foto: @ MD, ctillmann

Sailing Center at boot Düsseldorf

Diving into another world

It's easier to get under water than many would think

Diving is a way of life / Foto: Winert

Diving is more than a pastime - it's a life style

Try diving for beginners / Foto: MD / CT

Try-diving sessions for newcomers

Diving with kids / Foto: fotolia

When the youngsters want to get into diving

Diving equipment / (c) auqalung

Diving suit, mask & co - the right equipment

prepare your diving holiday / Foto: pixabay

Perfect planning for your diving trip

Divers have to follow safety guidelines / Foto: boot / CT

Diving & safety - the basic guidelines

Introduction to underwater photography / Foto: cebufundivers

The magic of underwater photography

Diving at boot Düsseldorf

Diving at boot Düsseldorf

Young, dynamic, flexible

Boardsports offer diversity, action and life balance

Windsurfing for beginners / (c) Pixabay

Windsurfing - the mother of all fun sports

SUP is a great way to relax actively / (c) Pixabay

SUP for beginners - that's how it works

get started with kitesurfing / Foto: Sun and fun

Tips for beginners in kitesurfing

SUP & Boardsports at boot Düsseldorf

Boardsports at boot Düsseldorf

Outdoor adventures

Canoeing offers great ways to relax and experience nature

canoeing offers active relaxation / (c) Pixabay

Paddling nature - tips from the experts

What you need for canoeing / (c) Pixabay

The right equipment for canoeing

Great places to go canoeing

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