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Overview: New Sailing Yachts

Dinghies & catamarans - Foto: ©

Jollen & Kats

Everything about new sailing dinghies and catamarans - boats suitable for newcomers to sailing but often also offer a sporting challenge even for experienced sailors!
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Sailing Yachts up to10 meters

Have a look at the small but fast daysailors and small cruisers up to 10 meters in length. They are easy to handle and offer loads of fun on short cruises or for racing.
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Sailing Yachts up to 12 meters

Yachts ranging from around 33 to around 40 feet constitute the middle class in the world of yachting. Most of them all-rounders in character, they offer endless possibilities from cruising to racing.
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Sailing Yachts up to 15 Meters

Sailing Yachts from 33 up to 49 feet - featuring everything you could want for a comfortable life on board. The fun of sailing at its best!
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Large Sailing yachts

Large yachts - everything on it and in it that it takes on the water for life. Here sophisticated equipment is guaranteed and larger crews get what they require.
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Yacht of the Year

The presentation of the awards "European Yacht of the Year" for sailing yachts and "Powerboat of the Year" for motor yachts is a major highlight every year at the boot Düsseldorf and an event that gets the hearts of many watersports fans pumping. This year's winners were selected on 22 January 2021.
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Current trends in sailing yacht design 2020


boot Düsseldorf provides a comprehensive overview of the market for current sailing yachts and an overview of what can be expected in 2020.
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Archives Sailing Yachts

Find out more about sailing boats and yachts showcased at boot Düsseldorf in previous years!
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