The measurement formula ORC

Worldwide standardized surveying system for yachts

Photo: ORC Worlds launch phase
Photo: Pre-start phase ORC Regatta

ORC yachts in the pre-start phase

Photo: Start phase

Start phase of a regatta by ORC yachts

The measurement - factors & influences

Photo: © Michael Walther

Heeling measurement of a yacht

Photo: © Michael Walther

Inclination measurement with hose level at the rear

Photo: © Michael Walther

Measurement mark on the mast

Photo: Hull measurement

Laser measurement of the torso

Photo: Rolex Swan Cup

Measurement of a sail

Photo: measurement of heel

Preparation of a heeling measurement

Photo: spirit level

Spirit level in use

Photo: Data measurement

Entering the measurement data

Politics & Strategy

Photo: ORC Regatta

Regatta field at course mark

Photo: Under Spi

Regatta field under spinnaker

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