Overview of the 5 most common types of charter

Yacht charter

Grafik: © boot.de / Bareboating means renting a sailing yacht unaccompanied. As skipper you are responsible for the boat and the crew.
Foto: © Sunsail
Grafik: © boot.de /  A flotilla consists of a group of yachts (five to ten) all sailing the same route. During the day you can sail on your own, but you can call for help at any time.
Foto: © Santorin / Pixabay
Grafik: © boot.de / The Crewed Charter is probably the most exclusive type of charter. The typical risks of a charter ship are largely eliminated, as a professional skipper operates the boat.
Foto: © Blu Charter
Grafik: © boot.de / With a berth charter, individuals take part in an organised cruise and only charter their "bed". The typical berth charter guest is usually a sailing beginner.
Foto: © Kroatien / Pixabay
Grafik: © boot.de / So-called fun regattas are increasingly popular. More than 30 Fun Cups are offered worldwide.


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