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Yacht Maintenance - Part 6: On-Board Electronics

Getting your boat shipshape for the new boating season

Foto: walkable solar panel on deck

Solar panels on deck and...

Foto: Schleppgenerator

...submersible hydrogenerators produce energy on board.

Battery Maintenance

Foto: Batteries in good order

Batteries apparently in good order

Foto: Accumulation at the poles

Accumulation at the poles - high time for new batteries

Foto: Batterie Ausbau

Removing the defective battery...

Foto: charging cable

...possibly install new charging cables...

Foto: light installations on deck

...and there will be light!

Checking the On-Board System

Foto: navigation lights

Constant exposure to salt water...

Naviagtion lights - Foto: © TCCC / A. Wasem

...are a challenge for navigation lights,...

Foto: navigation lights

...often leading to a need for renewal!

Foto: corroded connections

Corroded connections require regular cleaning

Foto: Multimeter

A multimeter helps detecting troublespots.

Engines, Equipment & Accessories

At the world's leading trade fair boot, the Engines, Equipment & Accessories section features not only the many engines but also the complete equipment for a boat. Whether electrics/electrical systems, navigation instruments, satellites, fresh and waste water systems or interior fittings. No wish remains unfulfilled here. You will also find safety equipment for the whole crew in this section.
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engine compartment - Foto: © Hallberg Rassy

Engine compartment on a Hallberg-Rassy.

electric outboard engine starter - Foto: © TCCC / A. Wasem

The electric starter of an outboard engine.

Foto: magnetic switch

Corroded earth strap on a magnetic switch.

Foto: © Fjord

Navigation instruments on a motorboat...

Foto: Navigation instruments

...and at the helm station of a sailing yacht.

Navigation Systems

Ausrüstung - Foto: © Messe Düsseldorf / C. Tillmann

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