The unlimited freedom on your own keel

Tips for holidays on sailing yachts, motor boats and houseboats

Vacation on board a yacht is the dream of ultimate freedom / Foto: Beneteau

The dream of a holiday on board: that's why boating holidays are so attractive

Boating holiday - charter yacht fleet / Foto: Sunsail

10 tips for a charter holiday

(c) Pixabay

The right area for boating holidays

Hausbooturlaub mit Kindern / Foto: LeBoat

Family holiday on the houseboat

Boating holiday in a flotilla / Foto: pixabay

Flotilla trip - more fun with a group

Safety & children on board / (c) Pixabay

5 tips for safety with children on board

Reveire für den Bootsurlaub / Foto: LeBoat

Great areas for a boating holiday

Even more tips on boating holidays:

Bluewater seminar at boot Düsseldorf

Bluewater Seminar at boot Düsseldorf

Dive down to relax

How to make your diving holiday unforgettable

Preparing your diving holiday properly / Foto: pixabay

How to prepare yourself perfectly for your diving holiday

Sardine Run off South Africa's coast / Foto: Bettina Winert

5 hotspots for divers from April to August

Divers must consider some important rules during their holiday flight / Foto: Web

Diving & Flying - this is important to remember

Diving with children / Foto: fotolia

If the youngsters also want to dive

Introduction to underwater photography / Foto: cebufundivers

The magic of underwater photography

diving gear / (c) auqalung

Suit, Mask & Co - the right equipment

Diving areas for the summer / Foto: pixabay

Great diving areas for the summer

Diving at boot Düsseldorf

Diving at boot Düsseldorf

Holidays on the board

Holiday tips for surfers, kiters and stand-up paddlers

Kitesurfing areas / Foto: web

Great spots for your kite holiday

Windsurfspots / (c) Pixabay

Hotspots for your Windsurfing Trip

Getting started with kitesurfing on holiday / Foto: Sun and fun

Beginners tips for kitesurfing

SUP is a great holiday activity / (c) Pixabay

SUP for beginners - this is how it works

Skimboard is ideal for a beach holiday / Foto:

Skimboarding - the ideal holiday fun on the beach

SUP & Boardsports at boot Düsseldorf

Boardsports at boot Düsseldorf

Outdoor experiences centred around water

Relaxed fishing trips & active canoeing holidays

Sea fishing on the Channel Islands / Foto: web

Channel Islands - A dream for sea anglers

Canoe tours offer relaxation and activity in nature / (c) Pixabay

Paddling Nature - Tips from BKT

Fishing holiday on the houseboat / Foto: Kuhnle Tours

Fishing holiday with the houseboat in Mecklenburg

The right equipment for the canoe trip / (c) Pixabay

The right equipment for the canoe trip

Fishing holiday on Sørøya, Norway

Endless fishing in Norway

The most beautiful destinations for your canoe tours

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