Baltic 146 PATH - SOLBIAN Solar delivers largest solar system ever installed on sailing yacht

Presented at the Monaco Yacht Show, the Baltic 146 PATH - a superyacht with a length of 44.6m - features the largest solar system ever installed on a sailing yacht. A custom-made system with 8,714Wp is integrated into the roof of the yacht and, in addition to silent operation of the electronics, ensures a saving of up to 4.5t CO2 per year.

In cooperation with Baltic Yachts and the design office judel/vrolijk & co., a system was developed that not only fits into the design of the yacht, but also minimises the effects of the constantly changing shadow of the rig on the energy yield through a system of 154 bypass diodes integrated into the laminate and 12 independent MPP trackers.

A proprietary system for inserting artificial solar cells into the corner areas of the modules makes it possible to introduce curves into the design, thus enabling a smooth finish at the edges of the modules despite the visible solar cells.

With an output of 8,714Wp, the solar system of the Baltic 146 PATH is more
than just a design statement: the system delivers between 30 and 50kWh per
day, which enables the operation of the connected systems (navigation
electronics, autopilot, lighting, entertainment) for over seven hours. Combined with the 44kWh battery bank, it allows 14-18 hours of silent operation of these systems - time during which a generator would normally have to be running.

This not only saves fuel but also weight: the solar system including wiring, controllers and small parts weighs less than 300kg. A battery bank capable of storing the same amount of energy would weigh 400-600kg, require about 10-17 litres of diesel per day to charge and emit 50-75kg of CO2. Assuming 100 days of operation per year, this would save 1,000-1,700 litres of diesel or 2.6-4.5t of CO2.

The Baltic 146 PATH is thus leading a general trend in the superyacht sector: By using modern technologies and materials, the ecological footprint is reduced both during construction and operation. Especially in the area of energy management and supply, this also increases comfort and reliability on board.

Michael Körner, CEO SOLBIAN Solar / Sailectron GmbH: "The integration of our customised photovoltaic systems not only allows a significant reduction of the ecological footprint in the operation of the yacht - through continuous charging independent of external resources as well as redundant design of the control system, safety can be increased while reducing maintenance effort and running costs."

SOLBIAN Solar is the leading supplier of customised photovoltaic systems in the mobility sector - in addition to shipyards, it also supplies the automotive industry, manufacturers of rail vehicles and special vehicle construction.

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