Haber Yachts Sp. z o.o.

HABER YACHTS sp. z o.o.

HABER YACHTS also has  the capability to build one off and   custom yachts.  This allows the customer to design many of their own desired features, even varying  from the standard sizes of vessel. All craft are built to principles of rugged sea worthy design with high thermal insulation qualities.

We offer:
- Sailing yachts: HABER 620, HABER 660, HABER 800, HABER 800C4, HABER 34C4, HABER 32C4 - NEW
- Motor yachts: HABER 660M, HABER 700MSD, HABER 700MPL, HABER 800M 
- Houseboats: HABER 33 Reporter, HABER 20 mini Reporter,  HABER 20 mini Reporter diesel, HABER 20 mini Reporter semi
- Classic wooden yachts: GC 600, GC 740, GC 560, Absolwent 900

Exhibited yachts: sailing yacht HABER 800 gaff sloop, motor yacht HABER 660

Exhibitor Data Sheet