Kuhnle and Römer are on a Parallel Course - The Chairmen of two hireboat fleets announce a strategic partnership.

Two of the biggest hireboat fleets in the Mecklenburg Lake District are heading in the same direction: Yachtcharter Römer and Kuhnle-Tours have joined forces in a strategic partnership. The intention is to deliver more effecient use of recources across both organisations, particularly in the digital area and the marina infrastructures.

By the start of the season, several boats of Yachtcharter Römer will be stationed, maintained and handed over to hirecrews at the Kuhnle-Tours-Base of Hafendorf Müritz (ashore of Germanys biggest Lake). The Yachtcharter-Römer-Base in Fürstenberg (Havel, Brandenburg Lake District) will remain the responsibility of the Römer team.  

All boats across the Römer and Kuhnle fleet will be bookable via the Kuhnle-Tours reservation service and web-based booking engines. 

The addition of the Dutch-steel cruising yachts to the Kuhnle-Tours fleet is a significant expansion. It is expected, CEO Manfred Römer will be able to reduce his day to day responsibilities. 

The economy of the German Lake district is directly affected by water tourism. Professional boat maintainance and repairs are an important part of the industry because this kind of work generates year-round, rather than seasonal, highly qualified jobs and revenue.

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