Istion Yachting Ltd.

New Charter Base in Skradin - Sibenik, Craotia

Brand New Fleet, Brand New Destination!

Istion Yachting, a leader in the Greek yacht charter market for more than 30 years, is thrilled to announce the opening of its new charter base in beautiful Skradin, Croatia. What better way to explore the Dalmatian coast than with our all brand new catamarans and sailing yachts specifically selected to launch our new Croatia base in style. Get inspired by the sheer beauty of Croatia, a must-visit summer location of over 2,000 km of coastline with over 1,000 islands spreading throughout its exotic beauty.

A Hidden Gem in the Mediterranean
Simply delightful in every single detail – small, picturesque and tasteful, Skradin is located on the spot where the river Krka kisses the sea. Skradin has a rich, ancient history firstly settled at least 5500 years ago where the town dates to 33 BC. In this area, where ancient Romans used to moor their galleys 2000 years ago, lies the picturesque town of Skradin, where the simultaneous sounds of crickets and frogs best describe what a magical natural place this is. ⁣⁣

A Natural Haven of 240+ Islets & Reefs
Skadin is perfect for exploring the Dalmation coast offering endless possibilities for those who enjoy sailing, historical exploration, nightlife, the tranquility and relaxation of numerous isolated bays, or all of the above combined. Skradin's central location makes exploring the 79 official islands and 500 islets of the Croatian coast easily accessible!⁣

We look forward to welcoming you to Croatia this summer!

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