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Ownership Program: BeCharter's new formula for sailing and generate income

Sailing with the newest generation boat, avoiding the worries and complexities of maintenance, as well as making the boat profitable when you are not sailing, is now possible. BeCharter, the leading company specialised in nautical charter, has launched the Ownership Program, a hybrid formula between boat ownership and boat rental, which allows the owner to generate income from his/her boat while choosing the days and weeks he/she wishes to sail throughout the year.

The Ownership Program presents different plans, suitable and adjustable to each user's profile, depending on their sailing preferences. In these plans, and considering the flexibility of needs, each shipowner can choose the days or weeks that he/she will sail, from which nautical base prefers to sail, and even choose which boat prefers to go out to sea with, among a fleet of 40 boats. All of this, having their boat under charter management by BeCharter's professionals, thus guaranteeing its care and maintenance and enabling a return on investment of up to 7% per year and with the possibility of obtaining a return of 10% variable depending on the activity.

Simplifying recreational boating
BeCharter's new program aims to make it easier to acquire and enjoy a boat with the greatest peace of mind: facilitating access to it, even with new financial offers, simplifying maintenance, surveillance and/or cleaning tasks, including the best nautical insurance and, of course, without having to worry about mooring the boat. Antoni Subirana, Branch Manager of BeCharter, explains that "we want the boat owner to choose how, where, when, with whom and why to sail, and not worry about matters other than sailing, which we know how to manage, and to concentrate on enjoying the Mediterranean".

Better experiences
The Ownership Program allows owners to sail with motorboats, sailboats and/or catamarans of leading brands such as Beneteau and Excess 365 days a year. Through a flexible booking system, each owner can choose between multiple aspects related to their sailing plan, and even reserve the option of sailing with boats of a higher category with an upgrade formula. All this, departing from any of the four top nautical destinations: Mallorca, Barcelona, Cambrils and L'Estartit. Subirana stressed that "this programme is in line with the recent opening of our new and renovated corporate headquarters in the Olympic Port of Barcelona to continue leading the creation of sailing formulas that guarantee the best experiences for each client".

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