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MARLOW COATINGS As rope technology moves forward, it is coatings and the application of coatings that have been one of the biggest advancements in recent years. Different types of coatings are now being used to impart different properties to a rope. This maybe because the coating offers properties that traditional fibre material cannot offer or perhaps the coating replicates the attributes of certain fibres but with less mass, thereby saving weight and reducing rope size. Marlow have recently launched three new coatings to complement our existing coating range:

THERMOCOAT: A revolutionary new coating that is used as a thermochromic indicator to any rope, but particularly uHMwPE ropes which can experience irreversible damage and potential strength loss when exposed to temperatures as low as 80°C (time dependant). ThermoCoat is specially formulated to offer a permanent colour change when the temperature of the rope reaches 80°C. The indicator will then continue to intensify in colour as the temperature increases. pH-I Another unique coating in the rope industry, which offers a distinct and permanent colour change marker that will change from yellow to red when exposed to strong acids. Even a 20 second exposure to some acids can weaken a rope by 25%, compromising safety. Longer exposure will increase this strength loss. pH-I Static (Permanent Halochromic Indicator) offers a clearly defined permanent colour change, indicating when a rope has been compromised by strong acid chemicals and should be retired.

ENDURACOAT: Specially formulated rope coating, which offers a significant improvement in abrasion resistance. Tests have shown that EnduraCoat can increase abrasion resistance by a factor of 350% when compared to standard PU coatings. EnduraCoat is ideally used in high abrasion areas such a load bearing eyes and chafe sleeve. Marlow Ropes existing range of coatings:

ARMOURCOAT: Our regular PU coating applied to all our Dyneema ropes as standard. ArmourCoat improves abrasion resistance and increases the coefficient of friction and is therefore commonly used with uHMwPE ropes but is also used to protect polyester and nylon ropes as well. ArmourCoat offers better abrasion resistance than most other commercially available standard coatings.

DRICOAT: Unique in the yachting industry, DriCoat is an impregnation formula that repels water. Wet ropes can be up to 50% heavier than dry ones and DriCoat is designed to provide long-lasting protection against water absorption and extra weight. It also significantly improves internal and external abrasion resistance as well as protection from the effects of freezing and ice damage.

GRIPCOAT: High grip coating that provides a tacky feel to the rope. Used almost exclusively to improve core / cover adhesion in critical applications.

SILICONCOAT: Low friction silicon coating used to reduce yarn on yarn friction and flex fatigue. SiliconCoat allows smooth friction free running of ropes and is ideal in applications that require this attribute such as lash lines.

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