Ambient Pressure Diving Ltd

New Colour Display for INSPIRATION rebreathers

The 2020VISION Colour Display from AP Diving

Introducing the 2020VISION Colour Display from AP Diving. The 2020VISION display is designed specifically for the AP Inspiration range of closed circuit rebreathers and is available both as an upgrade to existing units and as standard with new AP rebreathers.

It represents a major improvement over the previous monochrome handset in offering an ultra-bright, high resolution, full colour display.

Like its predecessor it delivers real-time rebreather status and deco information direct from the INSPIRATION CCR’s unique dual controllers.

The 2020VISION is all about improving communication and understanding – with colour conditional status changes; ultra-crisp fonts & icons on a larger screen; and state-of-the-art In-Plane Switching (IPS) LCD technology offering brightness and clarity from all viewing angles.

The 2020VISION features Bluetooth upload & download, an ultra-secure kevlar-reinforced communication cable and huge dive-log capacity - up to 3,000 dives.

Other unique features include the ability to select colour themes to suit eye-sight, individual preference or dive conditions, such as ‘Smart’, ‘Colour-blind’, ‘Mono’ or ‘Day-glo’. Alternatively, the diver can get creative and design their own colour display with the Custom Theme software provided and upload these to the handset for selection at start-up.

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