Jobe Sports International


The EVOlution in wakeboarding is finally here! Every day Jobe works hard on new innovations to make your life on the water easier and more fun. Jobe EVO is such an innovation as it will radically change the future in wakeboarding. We are really proud to reveal it to you as it improves your wakeboarding experience with respect to important things like:

- Direct control – there’s no heel lift!
- Comfort – we removed the heel cap, leading to more direct contact with your board!
- Modular bindings: saving you important wakeboarding time & because of the separate EVO sneaker and EVO housing the expensive parts are less likely to wear out – saving you lots of money!
- Fully customizable design - now it’s finally possible to create your own style!
- light-weight - The total weight is equal to other high-end Jobe bindings.
- Hexagon inserts (only compatible on Jobe boards)

More details of the Jobe EVO can be seen on the brand new website www.jobesports.com

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