The Mirror dinghy is back

Mirror Jolle

Boatkits present a well-established novelty

With more than 70.000 dinghies build world wide and of them more than 6.000 alone in Germany, there is no doubt; The Mirror is the World's most popular double handed sailing dinghy. A lot of Mirror dinghies are sailed by a crew of parent/child (grandparent/grandchild). Low in price, light, seaworthy and easy to sail, are keywords for the Mirror dinghy, and now it is back in Germany.

The Mirror has always been true to the rules, so not only are old Mirrors just as fast as the new ones in regattas the plywood Mirrors can also outrace fiberglass Mirrors. This was last seen at the Mirror World championships in 2013 and 2015 where plywood Mirrors won the regattas.

Boatkits has been authorised to deliver Mirror dinghies as boat kits or finished boats. Take a look at www.boatkits.eu to read more about this excellent dinghy and the fantastic boat kits.

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