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WAECO CoolFreeze CFX: now even more choice - The “most powerful compressor coolers ever” – now with new members added to the family

Featuring the well known WAECO one world circuit the high-tech series provides many other attractive details that make the hearts of skippers beat faster.

The success story about the most powerful compressor coolers of all time now continues with two new chapters. First, the ground-breaking technology of the WAECO CoolFreeze CFX series has now also made its way to the 28-litre compact class. Second, the new CFX 95 DZ2 model for simultaneous refrigeration and deep-freezing marks a milestone in the history of portable coolers.
Deep-freezing up to -22°C, anytime and anywhere in the world, combined with an A++ energy efficiency rating – no other product can do this! With the new CoolFreeze CFX 28, an extra-slim, high-performance compressor cooler, Dometic GROUP presents another milestone innovation.
Just like its sister models in the CFX high-tech series, it not only excels in terms of cooling performance, being among the strongest coolers of the WAECO brand. Its heavy-duty design makes it a reliable companion in all situations. Fitted with reinforced corners, stainless steel hinges, an hard-wearing lid coating and sturdy fold-away handles, it withstands the toughest rigours with ease. Even so, the box is amazingly lightweight and handy to transport.
Featuring the well known WAECO one world circuit – which means that CoolFreeze CFX coolers accept any energy supply from 12 to 240 volts – the high-tech series provides many other attractive details that make the hearts of skippers beat faster. A three-stage battery monitor, for example, ensures that the engine is always ready to start, an electronic thermostat with a digital temperature readout keeps food and drinks cool with one-degree accuracy, a USB port recharges low-power devices, and a detachable lid fitted with a non-slip rubber mat is ready to serve as an extra table on board.
The interior of the box is accented by an LED light, which also adds to the product’s perfect energy balance. For extra comfort and convenience, there’s a separate crisper compartment that keeps sensitive food like fruits, vegetables or dairy products frost-free.
Even more convenience and freedom of choice is provided by the new WAECO CoolFreeze CFX 95 DZ2. About 85 litres in capacity, this portable cooler has all the benefits mentioned above, plus two compartments for cooling and deep-freezing with separate controls. The desired temperature can be accurately set to any level between +10°C and -22°C. Both compartments have their own, separate lid, to minimise cooling loss when the box is opened. A definite highlight of the new CFX 95 DZ2 is the option to set and check the temperature via a convenient smartphone app, which provides optimal protection for sensitive food products.
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