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"Limited Edition": a perfect combination between the creativity of a special artist and one of JBAY ZONE boards

When we talk about Stand Up Paddling we can’t ignore the constantly growing popularity that this reinterpretation of classic wave surfing is having all over the world and in Italy in particular. Whether it’s a rigid board or an inflatable one, grabbing a SUP is very amusing, relaxing and it’s also a great workout to stay fit while having fun. The use of a SUP is suitable for everyone without particular skills or required abilities.

The inflatable sups greatly reduce the space requirements for storage and greatly facilitate the convenience of transport during travel. An inflatable stand up paddle, once deflated, occupies the same volume as a medium-sized backpack.

For these reasons JBAY.ZONE decided to focus its activity on the inflatable boards, trying- since its foundation- to give a distinctive character to its boards, using the Made in Italy design as its strong point.  

JBAY.ZONE is always looking for new, fresh graphics that can distinguish its own sups from the other proposals currently on the market. For the 2020 season, another step has been taken on the road to the exclusivity, starting a collaboration with one of the most popular emerging artists in Italy and Europe: FRA! Design.
Among the few Italian Doodle Artists, his expressive ability catches the eye with an easily recognizable style without limits of canvas or contents. FRA! Design boasts partnerships with the largest clothing and design companies in the world and, through the collaboration with JBAY.ZONE, has been able to apply its art to a new kind of product, trying to tell a story about everyday life, sport, relax and freedom through its pen.

The new JBAY.ZONE limited edition stand up paddle will be showed at the Düsseldorf Boot from 18th to 26th January 2020.

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