Nauticam International Limited

New lenses release

1) Wide Angle Conversion Port - 2

The WACP-2 is sure to be the uncompromising underwater image maker's tool of choice when looking for maximum optical quality, flexibility and performance.  It is optimized to work with 14mm lenses to produce an unparalleled 140º field-of-view while maintaining full zoom-through optical capability.   The lens port is also able to focus in air, making it an even more capable imaging tool adding the ability to capture over-under images and even filming topside in wet environments.   The WACP-2's zoom-through capabilities means the underwater filmmaker or photographer can capture establishing, medium and close-up shots all with one lens while maintaining optimum optical and close-focus performance.  Take for instance the Nikkor Z 14-30mm F/4 S lens which receives a field-of-view range of 81º to 140º with the WACP-2.  This lens allows for acquisition of more dynamic content on each and every dive without the need for a second camera. 

2) Extended Macro Wideangle Lens 
The EMWL consists of 3 components, a focusing unit, a relay lens and an objective wide angle lens.  The focusing unit is designed to use with different form factors including different camera brands, such as Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus;  and various sensor sizes, including full frame, APS-C to Micro f4/3.  The relay lens is to invert image upright, the extended length is also to give extra distance to the photographer when working with skettish subjects.  There are three objective lenses, which giving 130 degree, 100 degree and 63 degree field of view respectively underwater.  Each of them enables to focus from the front element of the lens to infinity.  Working with the 130 degree lens captures macro with 14mm wide angle background.  

Both lenses will be displayed at the show.       

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