TAKACAT News - The perfect boat for all applications

Innovative CAT inflatable boats from New Zealand - All Takacat catamaran inflatable boats impress with their light weight and low volume when folded. The larger Takacat models also have an open and fully demountable transom for greater safety on water.

The individual models are designed for different applications. The Takacat Sport, the Takacat LX and the new Takacat LS offer sport and leisure fun for the whole family with maximum stability at rest and when driving, swimming, snorkelling or diving: the joy of movement always goes with Takacat. All three catamarans are easy to row/paddle and glide quickly, evenly and evenly. They are an ideal solution for weekend boating and swimming, fishing, sports trips, camping by the lake or river and especially for transport in motorhomes and cars. Due to the physical property of the catamaran to always run "on the wave", no water penetrates into the inflatable boat via the open transom during normal stopping. Water, which flows into the boat when returning from the water, drains directly over the open transom, the same applies to heavy rain and waves - it is safer to drive with a water-free boat!

The TAKACAT-L+G models were specially developed as dinghies, tenders and dinghies. The T240L is one of the light tenders and dinghies on the market. It weighs only 20Kg and can therefore be easily stowed on deck or in a single carrying bag, e.g. for sailing ships or yachts. Also the bigger T280L weighs only 24Kg. In contrast to the other Takacat inflatable boats, the TAKACAT L+G models have a closed transom so that they can be stowed in a bag. Depending on the model, the Takacat dinghies are available with closed (G) or open bow (L). Depending on the model, a 5/6/8PS outboard motor can be installed on the transom. For the TAKACAT L+G models the electric outboard motor Travel 1103CS from Torqeedo is an interesting motorization. When the TAKACAT L+G is on deck or stowed in its carrying bag below deck, the Torqeedo electric outboard can be easily loaded on board and then stowed with its carrying bag below deck without having to pay attention to any special position.

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