Phaedo3 take Line Honours as MOD70 battle comes to a close

Phaedo3 and Ms Barbados, Picture: © RORC/Arthur Daniel

The two MOD70s, Phaedo3 and
Ms Barbados/Concise 10

Lloyd Thornburg's mighty green MOD70, Phaedo3 crossed the finish line off Quarantine Point, Grenada on Friday morning, completing the RORC Transatlantic Race at UTC 10:56:03 in 5 days 22 hrs 46mins 03 secs. Waging a 'Master and Commander' style battle from the start in Lanzarote, Team Phaedo held onto their lead, finishing less than two hours ahead of Tony Lawson's MOD70, Ms Barbados (Concise 10) and taking Line Honours victory in the second edition of the race.

Massive learning curve
Ms Barbados (Concise 10), skippered by Ned Collier Wakefield was the second boat to finish at UTC 12:36:44 and the friendly rivalry ceased as Team Phaedo3 welcomed their transatlantic match racing partners alongside the dock. After a great welcome from Team Phaedo on the dockside, Ms Barbados (Concise 10) Skipper, Ned Collier Wakefield said it was a massive learning curve but he was pleased with his race.

MOD70 Phaedo3, Picture: © RORC/Orlando K. Romain

Great match across the Atlantic
Phaedo3's Co-Skipper, Brian Thompson raved about the race: "It was a fantastic race. What could be better than two great islands to start and finish in (Lanzarote and Grenada); it is a really good race course and we had a great competitor in Concise! It's a fascinating course with different sections, through the Canaries and a leg to Cape Verdes (for us) and then the downwind section across. It was a great match race across the Atlantic and we were never more than 70 miles apart. That's only 2 1/2 hours at the speeds we were going, equivalent of 20 miles apart on normal boats. We also did nearly 678 miles in one day and we averaged 28.3 knots which is fantastic."