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Long-term partnership between EBI and boot Düsseldorf

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Release of comprehensive and authoritative assessment of the North-East Atlantic

Circularity In Glass Fibre Manufacturing

EU-UK relations: Commission and UK reach political agreement on UK participation in Horizon Europe and Copernicus

EBI action advocating against the return of EU-US tariff war

Belgian government study on introducing a circular economy for recreational craft

The Common European Tourism Data Space: A Closer Examination

Upcoming Events

EBI addresses the importance of the nautical tourism in the Baltic Sea at HELCOM

New EU Regulation on Batteries

European Sustainable Boating Roundtable: Pioneering Sustainability

Exploring Sustainable Nautical Tourism in BID Podcast Special


boot Düsseldorf 2024 heads for top result

IBRA - River Shannon Hire Boat Fleet to Change to Sustainable HVO


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