Friends and enemies of sharks

Who are the biggest fans and enemies of the shark? This question was put out to the internet community by sharkproject, one of the world's biggest shark protection agencies. At boot 2006 the answers are being released to the public. On Saturday 21st Jan at 16-00 hours the organisation presented 2 awards at the diving centre in Hall3, "Shark enemy of the Year” and "Shark Guardian of the Year”. Good reason to be exited. On the list were countries and organisations who had either made life difficult for, or helped to improve the lot of sharks around the world. No one less so than best selling author Frank Schaetzing, who wrote about the threat to the underwater environment in his novel "Der Schwarm”. He presented the awards.

Research sub on show
Whomsoever would like to improve their own understanding on the issues surrounding what sharkproject is trying to achieve should visit Hall 3, stand B26. Here a new research sub is being shown to the public before taking up its post in South Africa next year. Here researchers hope to study the daily lives of the local Great Whites. They hope to document and record the first ever observation of Great White mating and birth.