Learning about life in the longboat

boot project leader Abdul Rahman
Adib and Burghard Pieske

Burghard Pieske is an extreme sailor who makes his goal very clear to the world. "I want to give young unemployed people a clear perspective in life.” So with a crew of 12 young people from different backgrounds, accents and social upbringings, Pieske wants to take two longboats on a 2,500km tour through rivers, difficult swamps and down the immense inland lakes of the south Dnieper River.

Handing over of the boat hull
In the spring of this year they hope to set sail. At boot Düsseldorf 2006, the symbolic handing over of the hull of the boat took place. "With this Euro-Viking project it is hoped that young people will learn to value themselves a bit more and at the same time learn more about working as a team. And that's something that one can learn best on a boat”, said Burghard Pieske.

Hugin and Munin
The journey down to Odessa will be difficult. Things start at dawn and the crew as a whole has to get used to not expecting hot food for three days at a time. The 61-year-old with white hair and gold earring says: "Learning to do without is part of the whole process.” The former teacher praised the work of the ship's construction team. The Viking longboats are Hugin and Munin, which means Thought and Memory. These are the names of the two ravens of Odin, the highest god in Norse mythology.

Were to meet Burghard Pieske
At the moment the final preparations are being made for this tour down the former Viking route. The start is due to take place in May and the venue is Riga. Throughout the boat show Burghard Pieske is talking daily about his project at hall 12, stand D17.